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5 Best Chrome Extensions For Google+ Power Users

By on July 27, 2011

Google+ is the new kid in the social networking area and already making people fall in love with it. It has everything that a networking website should have. With so many great options Google+ is becoming our new hub of socializing. The one thing that Google always offered us is user friendly interfaces for ease of use.

Google+ is no exception. Now if you think that what you see in it is the maximum it can offer then you are wrong. Just like Google Chrome, this networking site also has some extensions that can increase your networking experience. One word that can describe Google’s extension is ‘awesome’. These Google+ extensions are made to make the site more equipped for all of us. These extensions increase options for navigating, posting, commenting, photo viewing, using, editing and much more.

Many types of users have accounts in Google+. Some of them are experts and some are settling themselves in this web world. Expert users always like to have something extra for their special uses in every application. Among many great extensions, here are 5 that can surely make Google+ better than anything else.

Replies And More For Google+

This extension will add many great features. The one that is exiting is a set of two buttons; Reply and Reply to Author. These buttons will make replying much easier and it will give you a chance to mention specific users in your comment. When you have new messages, it will show the number of messages in the icon. Another great thing it offers is great shortcuts for many actions.

Commenting, posting and many editing shortcuts will make your job easy for sure. If you use multiple social networking sites then you may like another great feature of this extension. It adds a drop down menu to the header bar. It will drop down a bar with buttons to share your posts with other networking sites. You can also mute a video post with the M key. Installing this extension is very easy. Just go to the extension page, click the install button. Restart your browser and start Google+ and you will find everything ready.

+Photo zoom

When you use Google+ and want to see the full size of an image then what you do is click on that image and the click takes you to a new page with the full sized image. Sometime it becomes a problem if you are in hurry or simply don’t want to wait for long. This extension is a solution to that problem. It zoom an image in the same page and doing that is actually very easy. You just have to take your mouse point on an image you want to see in full and it will load the bigger size image on the same place.

It comes with options like zoom delay or no zooming. When you don’t want the zooming activated, just turn it off by pressing the shortcut key and it will stop zooming until you press that button again. The zoom delay option is great as it will let you choose the delay time of the zooming of an image.

If you choose 5 seconds then it will zoom after exact 5 seconds. You can zoom in a profile picture, picture on any album, Picassa images or any other image on Google plus. The extension finds the URL of the image you want to zoom in and integrate a JavaScript for the zooming process.


This extension is one of the best that has been published. This Google+ extension makes this networking site reach you even when you are not on your profile. Yes! It will connect you with your Google+ account even when you are working in some other pages. The main thing it does is that it adds the Google+ notification icon on your web browser’s tool bar. This allows you to have 2 notification icons, one in your profile and another on your web browser. In this way, even when you are on any other page, you will be able to see notifications on your browser.

This way you will know if someone shares something with you while doing other work on any other page. The best part is, it does not stop there. You can not only see notifications but you can also respond to them. When you click on the notification icon, it opens up a popup box.

You can reply to the notification from there and you can even post something from that popup. You don’t have to go to your Google+ profile page but you can still use it. There are some other great features of the extension like desktop notification and notification sound. The notification sound is a very interesting feature as you can know, if there is a new notification, even when you are not looking at the bar. There is one another great feature in this extension which is Account Switching. If multiple Google accounts are open in your browser then you can easily toggle between them with this extension.

Plus One Anything

If you are using Google+ for sometime then you must be surely aware about the +1 button. When you are on any webpage, you can click on the +1 button on that page and share it in your Google+ account.

Now suppose you are on a page which do not have that button but you want to share it; what to do? If you have this extension installed then you will have that button on your browser bar. Share it from there!

+Comment Toggle

This is a small but smart extension for Google+. Sometimes when you get too many comments on a post of yours then it can make your page look messy.

This extension allows you to close all the comments within your stream. When you want to see them you can click to open up the comments again. This way you can keep the look of your profile clean and neat.

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