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8 Must Install Software After Installing Windows

By on July 21, 2011

If you have brought a new computer or re-formatting your old one then you must know that installing Windows is not enough. To run your computer smoothly and efficiently, you must install some very essential software programs after Windows.

If you have a vendor setting up your Windows then it is his responsibility to provide you the essential software programs. Most of the software is free so you can download them from internet if your vendor doesn’t have a particular one that you need. Some of these programs are absolutely necessary and few others depend on your needs. But no matter what kind of user you are, you must have basic software programs for every work that a computer can perform.


A computer is build of hardware components that communicates with the Windows, or any other operating system you have, to complete the entire process. Your operating system (let us assume a Windows from now on) needs other small software programs to communicate with the hardware components. These software programs are called drivers.

When you buy a hardware, most of the times, it comes with a CD containing the necessary drivers. For instance, when you buy a mother board, you get a driver CD that contains video drivers, sound drivers, network drivers, USB driver. Your other hardware components, like printer or scanner, will come with their respective drivers as well. Install them one by one for them to start working.

Software For Internet

A computer is just incomplete without an internet connection. The internet is one of the life changing inventions and to use it properly we must have some software programs. The very first thing you need is a web browser to surf the internet. There are many browsers available to download which are free and very user friendly. Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the two most powerful and used browsers.

They are very safe and fast. You can use both as they come with different tools. After installing the browsers, you need to install chat and file sharing software programs. Google Talk, Skype and Yahoo Messenger are the three most common chat programs. You also must install latest version of Flash player and Java to view dynamic web contents.

Security Software Programs

Computer security is one of the most essential things. After you set up your Windows, it is must to install a security program that will protect your data from viruses, spyware, malware and any other threats. These threats can enter through websites, pen drives, CDs and many other sources that you connect to your computer. You need security software that provides you complete protection.

It should provide total internet protection, real time protection, threat detecting, threat cleaning, potential threat detection, firewall protection, boot sector protection and auto update. There are many free security programs available but it is suggested that you should use authentic, branded programs. Most of them are very cheap. Norton antivirus, Nod32 antivirus and AVG are some well tested security software that you can use.

Office Suite

You need many software programs for your computer’s work environment. The most essential of them is word processing, desktop publishing, presentation creating or documentation keeping programs.

Among all the office suite programs, Microsoft office suite is the most commonly used software program and it provides you with many word processing, developing and record keeping programs like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office PowerPoint and many other. They all are very important. There are many free office suite programs which are easily available on the internet, you can download them or use them online.

Data backup, Recovery and Management Software

Your computer is full of important data that you need every day. Just think of all your important documents including office works, images, movies, and songs. They are a very important part of your life and if you ever lose them then you will be in trouble. So, you are in great need of data management software programs to keep them safe.

Data backup software programs make backup of your essential data automatically. It is very safe and if you lose them somehow then you can get them from the backups. Data recovery software programs can recover a deleted or corrupted data. Although recovering may not work all the time but you should never take a chance. Data management software programs help you to create database of your data and manage them with many essential tools.

Multimedia Software

Your computer is not only a working station but it is also a home of entertainment. Movies, music, imaging and many more entertainment can run in your computer. For that you need different kinds of multimedia software programs which is important for running or viewing different kinds of multimedia files. To play movies and other videos you need video players and video codec packs installed in your computer. If you like music then you need a music player that supports all kind of sound files.

You will also need sound enhancement software programs to enhance the experience of listening to music. There are also many image viewing and editing software programs available that you may install. Even if you don’t have image editing knowledge, you may prefer to have Adobe Photoshop or any similar photo editing software programs as you will need them for sure.

File Compression And Decompression Software

Most of the files you download from internet are compressed. Filecompression is important because it makes it easier to carry or download large files by compressing them.

You need to decompress them for using. WinRAR is one software program that supports all the compressed file extensions.

CD/DVD burning

If you have a DVD writer then you need a CD/DVD burning software program to write CD or DVD. Nero CD/DVD burner is the most user friendly burning software program. You can even copy CDs and DVDs with this software program.

So, go ahead and update your computer with the above mentioned software.

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