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Adobe AIR lands in the Android Market Apps

By on October 20, 2010

Adobe has recently announced the availability of Adobe AIR – a new runtime especially designed for application developers. Users will be in a position to create standalone client apps that are free from the browser constraints.

This is done by ActionScript, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and HTML. This AIR runtime will feed the creativity of the developers and designers to design more and more apps compatible with many platforms and mobile devices.

The best part of this innovative runtime is that it offers creative ways for your business and other personal work without having to alter the existing technology. The resultant apps will be much easier to operate and more fun-filled.

Now publishing of Action Script 3 projects will be easier for the users. Action Script 3 projects will be run in .apk format as native applications in devices based on Android operating system. Making the availability of Adobe AIR as easy as just delivering via Android Market on Android-based devices, Adobe has certainly taken a giant leap in the arena of mobile phones. Undoubtedly, this step by Adobe will trigger more and more Android-based applications for mobile phones.

The developers will be able to make apps for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, smartbooks and desktop PCs – thanks to the flexible and consistent development environment. Code re-using will further accelerate multi-platform development.

Also, the runtime has been designed to make the task of building Android apps simple with its help. Those who are using Adobe Flash CS5 or Adobe Flash Builder, the task become even simpler. Mobile phone users, however, need to download Adobe AIR and have to install it on the handsets individually.

It has also been notified by Adobe that developers will be able to build Android-based Adobe AIR apps by either writing new code or reusing the web content that already exists. In fact, reusability of the assets as well as the source code across Flash Player, AIR and Flash platform runtimes enables the developers to target easily other desktop environments and mobile environments.

With the help of this Adobe AIR runtime, users will be in a position to create immersive applications leading to immersive user experience.

Adobe’s website contains more information about the inclusion of the AIR applications into Android market.

It is not quite long that we see the first applications based on AIR coming.

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