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Adobe Confirms CS5

By on March 30, 2010

Adobe is the choice of everybody in the designing field. It offers what other has not been able to. The previous versions of Adobe have all been a big hit and now the best has improved itself a little more. Adobe has announced its CS5 which was long awaited, though CS4 was the best in its time but technology is changing every day. Adobe was delaying the launch date but now after giving it a long thought it has made up a decision.

The launch date is coming near and people in the designing field are desperately waiting 12th April when CS5 will be available in the market and for download as well. There will be a considerable upgrade on everything from CS4. The test packages have been given to the designers and Adobe has strictly prohibited everybody to leak the information.

No details about price and specifications of the product are available right now. Everybody will have to wait until 12th April to see what is in the package. Dreamweaver has got a significant upgrade from its previous version in CS so has Adobe Acrobat reader. This software will be graphically more user friendly.

Adobe has decreased the level of complexity in new CS5 and it will be easy for the beginners to have little fun with it too. As for the pros, lots of new features have been involved in the software. Short keys and functions have been improved. The details are not yet available.

Fireworks and Illustrator has been given a major overhauling and the issues users were facing in CS4 have been resolved. CS5 will be easy to use as Adobe has mentioned that the complexity level has been to decreased considerably. The software will be light as well and will not take much space on hard disk drives and will not be a burden on graphic cards. Quality though has not been compromised at all during this process. You can catch the launch of Adobe Live on TV if you want to. Google it for the link and stay tuned for more news as launch date comes near.


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