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Airtel Digital TV HD Channels Enhanced Viewing Experience

By on August 12, 2011

The consumer segment for home entertainment devices has been flourishing like never before. The market is abuzz with LCD/LED televisions, surround sound speakers and music systems. High definition is something that everyone is looking for these days and one won’t be surprised to see all traditional TV sets replaced by HDTVs in the near future.  So, what really is HD? Well, high definition means your TV is capable of supporting a resolution of 1080 or even 720p. The images appear to be sharper and clearer.

Keeping up with the increasing attention towards home entertainment, several players like Tata, Reliance and Airtel marched in to add to the entertainment quotient. One such contender is Airtel’s DTH service that reaches numerous Indian homes. The upcoming high-definition era has been accepted well by Airtel too. In fact, the company has gone ahead and expanded its HD service by adding new channels.

Airtel Digital TV HD portfolio now augments with 41 new channels. Airtel Digital TV HD channels have been multiplying from its inception and now with the new additions sum up to a total of 247. The range is inclusive of True HD and SD (Standard Definition) channels alongside varying languages that spread across the nation.

So, if you are looking for some more English channels then the newly introduced ones could come to the rescue. Current users can get 4 new English channels in HD for Rs. 65 per month. The SD channels have also increased in languages such as Oriya, Telugu, Malyalam, Hindi, Bhojpuri and more. The True High Definition (HD) channels from Airtel now grow to exhibit NGC, Discovery, Movies Now, Star Gold, Star Movies, Star Plus, Star World for fun-filled and action packed entertainment.

Another aspect to look for is the Airtel Digital TV HD Recorder featuring HD quality that claims to offer around five times the standard quality. It equips a 320GB hard disk capable of recording 550 hours of video. Moreover, it walks hand-in-hand with the latest innovations by supporting the upcoming 3D technology. However, no channel is currently available in 3D.

Well, one could say the same about the usage of the integrated USB port that the device supports. By activating an online Airtel account, users can also schedule recording using mobile phones that support Java.

The support for HDMI further adds to the viewing experience. Accessing the controls of the Recorder is simple with the integrated buttons and a universal remote control as well. Needless to say, it enables one to record episodes which they could possibly miss otherwise.

Moving back to Airtel Digital TV HD Channels, the company has been apparently trying to upscale its standard definition to HD for all channels. Evidently, HD quality brings in better contrast. The high definition channels which mean a resolution of 1080 deliver 2 million pixels on the TV screen. Airtel also plans to spruce up the audio experience with support for Dolby Digital Plus sound.

The requirements to enjoy Airtel Digital TV HD Channels include any HDTV, Airtel Digital TV HD or Airtel Digital TV Recorder set top box and HDMI cable.

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