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Amazon announces new Mobile Shopping Application For iPhone & iPod Touch

By on December 8, 2008

Seattle-based Amazon.com, a well-known American e-commerce (electronic commerce) company.com has announced the availability of its latest mobile shopping application for iPhone and iPod touch. The newly-released application is claimed to offer a trouble-free method for users to browse and search for mlns of products available from Amazon.com and more than 9,000 additional merchants comprising Target and Macy’s.

According to the company, “The Amazon application for iPhone and iPod touch comes with an experimental feature known as ‘Amazon Remembers’. The Amazon Remembers allows customers to keep an eye on items seen by them in their every day lives and even makes an effort to match photos of products to the same or similar products available on Amazon.com. Customers just snap photos with the help of their iPhone; the photos are automatically uploaded to Amazon.com, which then makes an effort to locate products similar to the ones in the photos. As soon as the customer receives the results, they can after that make purchase of the item at once or ‘remember it’ for later in their Amazon account.”

Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile, was quoted as saying, “We designed the Amazon application to be a fast and trouble-free way for iPhone and iPod touch users to browse, shop and purchase with Amazon.com. We are also in actuality keyed up about Amazon Remembers as it is a fun and useful way to make use of the iPhone camera to remember and find items while on the move. Customers can build visual lists of things they want to remember, buy, or even learn more about.”

The latest Amazon iPhone application, capable of accessing Amazon’s popular shopping, sports in like Customer Reviews, and purchase utilizing 1-Click setting & Amazon Prime membership benefits can now be availed as a free download through Apple’s App Store.

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