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Amazon Kindle now up for grabs in Canada

By on November 19, 2009

amazon_kindleWell, if you are a Canadian and love more to delve into books and reading, then wait no more as the most- appreciated e-book, called Kindle, has finally landed in your country. The latest e-book, with its cutting-edge technology and high-tech features, has already grabbed the attention of all and sundry and now it is here in your country by Amazon.

Though, there is no need to talk of its glaring features, since you don’t know much about it that is why it is essential to let you know about its outstanding specs and features. The most-acclaimed e-book can wirelessly download magazines, books, newspapers to a brusque, hi-res 6-inch electronic ink display, which doesn’t just give the impression of a real pager, but it also reads like that.

In actual fact, you don’t ever have to look for a Wi-Fi spot since Kindle makes use of the similar 3G wireless technology, which the sophisticated mobile phones do. Besides, the elegant and sleek Kindle is also claimed to mark its unwavering existence by coming in the weight of not more than 10 ounces. This lighter than a typical paperback and pencil thin contraption boasts of amazing users throughout the world with its superb functions.


Ian Freed, VP of Kindle, said that the Canadians are greatly prone to reading and books, and it is exciting to introduce Kindle to the customers there. The e-book allows customers to bring to mind a book and begin reading it within just 60 secs.

The Kindle Store will be offering Canadian users more than 300,000 books, comprising Globe, Mail Bestsellers and New Releases, which generally come at a price of $11.99 or less.

The Kindle Store will also provide its users with over 90 magazines and newspapers for single subscription or purchase. So, if you are a reading enthusiast, then grab your Kindle at just $259 (approx Rs. 11,959).

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