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Virtualization being incorporated in Android Phones by VirtualLogix

By on February 17, 2009

virtuallogixandroidNext week at the Mobile World Congress, VirtualLogix plans to display a virtualized Android phone running side by side with a lower-end OS on a single-chip platform. This display will make it much easier for OEMs to make Android and Windows Mobile devices. You must know that virtualization is a process by which you can run two operating systems at the same time on s single PC. Now, this principle is being extended to mobile phones by VirtualLogix.

VirtualLogix CEO Glenda Dorchak tells that majority of phone radio stacks are made for RTOSes. The RTOSes apparently is the low-end operating system that is mostly found on feature phones. By putting a smart phone OS adjacent to an RTOS, OEMs can be made capable to take advantage of all that existing middleware and can give you the advantages of smart phone power. In some phones, this is done by separation of ‘baseband’ and ‘applications’ processors. In this case one of the ‘baseband’ and ‘applications’ processors runs on an RTOS and the other runs a higher-level OS. VirtualLogix aims to do this on one chip. This is a smaller and cheaper solution according to VirtualLogix.

CEO Glenda Dorchak was quoted as saying “If you’re an OEM, you can use all that legacy telephony [software] and you can still run Android and Windows Mobile. It creates the ability for smaller handsets to start hitting attractive price points and still run high level OSes”.

As the reviews, VirtualLogix will not run one OS within the other, like in commercial virtualization packages. It will use a type-one hypervisor model that can flip between the OSes at the hardware level as needed. The software is being demoed on a 350 MHz ARM9 processor, which is a high-end feature phone processor. VirtualLogix has found investors in Motorola, Cisco, TI and Intel. Dorchak was quoted as saying “On netbooks, VirtualLogix could enable an RTOS ‘pre-boot’ environment allowing instant-on access to music or Web browsing. Consumers can expect to see low-cost Android or Windows Mobile phones with VirtualLogix’s solution appearing within 12-18 months.”

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