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Android-Powered JooJoo 2 Is Coming In 2011

By on October 30, 2010

The launch of the JooJoo tablet and its subsequent fall in the market must have been fresh in minds. The reasons for its fall is often cited as the tablet’s shortcomings as a tablet.

But another more relevant reason seems to be its launch along with the iPad, which could not help the users but liken it to the latter. The result – iPad won and JooJoo was ousted from the market. Despite its unwelcome response in the market, FusionGarage has announced the launch of JooJoo 2 in the coming year. JooJoo 2 will be an Android-based device.

JooJoo was essentially designed for web browsing and the users could not find any other utility in it. On the other hand, the iPad with e-book reading, e-mail, gaming, audio/video capabilities and word processing facilities was sure to win the show.

Now that JooJoo 2 is set to make its way in to the market, it is likely to have features more than or at least equal to the iPad to survive the competition.
So far, FusionGarage has let us know only this, that it will be based on Android operating system. Rumors also have it that JooJoo 2 won’t be an Android-based device despite running on the Android platform.

This means that users of JooJoo 2 won’t have access to Android Market. Users will only be able to optimize the tablet as per the needs of the market. This is possibly because the JooJoo 2 will not be designed in a manner devices have to be designed to have full access to Android Market.

Nevertheless, Google and FusionGarage are in the talking phase over this. In this way, JooJoo 2 will offer access to just Facebook, Gmail and a few other such messaging services out of the thousands of apps that the Android Market offers. Besides, JooJoo 2 will sport single UI.

Although JooJoo’s production will be discontinued as soon as JooJoo 2 makes its way to the market, FusionGarage will support JooJoo. Well, this is in contradiction to their plan of offering multiple devices. So, we cannot help but infer that since production of JooJoo will be stopped, we will be either seeing JooJoo 2 in multiple sizes or complementary products with JooJoo 2.

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