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Are we seeing new Apple 10-inch Touchscreen Tablet?

By on April 18, 2009

apple_mac-tablet2The grapevine has it that Apple is developing a new tablet-sized device for the customers. The tablet PC will be a 10-inch touchscreen device enabling the customers to enjoy computing experience while they are travelling.

Apple, the producer of much-talked iPhone, the most elegant touchscreen mobile gadget has not disclosed details about the features and specifications of the upcoming touchscreen tablet. Any way, we should presume that the 10-inch tablet device will target vertical markets including education, healthcare and other field works.

Apple’s plan to develop the tablet device came to fore following the Wall Street Journal’s report stating that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is currently busy in making of a touchscreen device. The touchscreen tablet will be smaller than Apple’s laptop computers. It would be comparatively bigger than the iPhone or iPod Touch.

As of now, we don’t have enough information regarding the design and features of the touchscreen device. It is also not clear whether Apple is developing the tablet or not. However, the reports from several sources have led us to presume that Apple may be developing a tablet like device or a portable gizmo just like a netbook.

Tablet PCs are gaining rapid popularity in recent years because of their portability and functionalities. The compact and convertible design of Tablet PC enables customers to use the device in a small room. You can also carry it where you like and perform your computer programs instantly.

Steven Paul Jobs, Co-founder, and CEO of Apple Inc who was credited for his pioneering role along with Steve Wozniak in the development of first commercially successful PCs in the late 1970s is reportedly developing the 10-inch touchscreen device from his home. He is currently on leave due to medical reasons. He is likely to resume his job from June 2009. So, we have to wait till then to hear an official word from the company.

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