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Apple iPad 3 Wifi Price And Review

By on April 20, 2012

The Apple iPad 3 is both familiar and futuristic at the same time. The design of the latest tablet from Apple remains the same as that of iPad 2, which was launched in 2011. The iPad 3′s wireless prowess along with other components have received a boost.

The screen resolution has been enhanced to 2,048×1,536 pixels, which has no equal in the tablet segment at the moment. There is no other screen be it your desktop, laptop, or ever your high-definition TV which as resolution as sharp as this. To deliver such a screen on a $499-device, which can fit your lap, is truly remarkable.

apple ipad 3 wifi review

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Features of Apple iPad 3 Wifi


Looking at the iPad 3 for the first time and you would be surprised how similar it looks to last year’s model. Made of aluminum and glass, the tablet is still 7.31-inches wide and 9.5-inches tall. It is slightly more thicker at 0.37 inches and weighs 1.44lbs. At the bottom of the display is the home button, while the volume controller is located on the right side along with the rotation lock/mute switch. On the top edge reside the wake/sleep button and the earphone jack, while at the bottom, the 30-pin port is retained.

apple ipad 3 wifi

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The iPad is no longer the thinnest or the lightest tablet on the market and this may encourage competitors — Toshiba has launched the Excite X10 LE, which is of the same weight and more importantly thinner than the iPad 2. Apple is pinning its hopes on the stupendous screen resolution to counter any negativity generated by a slight gain in thickness and weight.

But if the iPad appears “heavy” for some, they can still buy the iPad 2 which weighs 51 grams less. The best way to differentiate the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 is to take a look at their backs. The new iPad has a bigger camera, with enhanced optics and sensor, which is similar to, but not identical to the one on the iPhone 4S.

New Features

There are new features on the iPad 3 other than the enhanced screen resolution. The processor has been upgraded and is now called A5X and remains dual-core just like the A5 on the iPad2.

apple ipad 3 wifi

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The “X” is to denote that the processor used for the graphics is now a quad-core. This was needed to handle the increased pixels. Sadly, the Siri digital assistant hasn’t been fitted to the iPad in its entirety. Only the voice dictation feature is functional and this is very handy in composing emails in double time without the need of typing, though its accuracy can improve.

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The camera on the iPad 3 is now called iSight and now boasts of 5MP, which is a very significant improvement over the 0.7MP unit on the iPad2. The quality of the images clicked by the new camera is exceptional.

Operating System

The first iPad came with the iOS 3.2, but the new one sports iOS 5.1, which has new features like Newsstand, Notifications, iMessage and Twitter integration. It also has Apple’s iCloud online backup service. The Safari browser matches the best of what other tablets have. But competition is hotting up for Apple after Google improved the Chrome browser.

But overall, thanks to the Retina Display, the iPad is streets ahead of other tablets when it comes to reading text because the clarity is amazing whether you are Facebooking or going through the Washington Post. For people who don’t want a WiFi model and want to always remain connected with the net there is a version of the iPad3 which comes with integrated 4G connection. This version is priced $130 more.

Sum Up & Price of Apple iPad 3 Wifi

The iPad 3 has probably the best screen resolution among tablets today, which is backed by a quad-core graphic processor, and the biggest application and media back up to serve it. The camera now is 5MP and can record high quality videos at 1080p.

The drawbacks are few and include a slight increase in weight compared to iPad 2; movies and applications optimized for the screen will take more space; and adapters are needed for SD, USB and HDMI ports. The price for the 16GB version is $499.

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