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Apple iPhone 3G – Is it really an apple of eye?

By on November 6, 2008

Who doesn’t know Apple’s iPhone these days? I think all and sundry in the tech world are very well aware of the feature-packed smartphone that caught the attention of entire web world thanks to its stratospheric hype. Right from the very beginning at Macworld 2007, the phone has been talk of town, and led to ask several questions. The reason for asking so many questions about the iPhone was just because the company until now has kept a lot of iPhone information clandestine.

However, today after reading through many news, views, and blogs on Apple’s iPhone, if somebody asks me is the iPhone pretty, I would say, absolutely? Is the phone easy to use? Certainly! Does it come up to the stratospheric hype? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong here, the iPhone is a gorgeous device with a sleek interface, top-quality music and video features, plus ground-breaking design touches.

The touch screen is simpler to use than we had anticipated, and the multimedia functions well. However, innumerable missing characteristics, a reliance on a slow EDGE network, and incoherent call quality–it is a phone in spite of everything–left the users demanding more and more. For those grounds, the iPhone is worth mentioning not for what it does, but how it does it.

Check out the Major features

(1) 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz network compatibility
(2) 3G: UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz network compatibility
(3) HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE, and GPRS data protocols
(4) 3.5” multi-touch compatible LCD @ 480 x 320 pixels
(5) Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 local connectivity
(6) Accelerometer, light, and proximity sensors
(7) iPhone 2.0 OS X operating system
(8) Synchronization with PC & Mac
(9) WiFi 802.11b/g compatibility
(10) 8GB/16GB internal flash drive
(11) Integrated a GPS chipset
(12) 2mpx digital camera
(13) Safari web browser
(14) iPod functionality

What are the Problems or issues?

(1) Mediocre camera – no flash, no autofocus
(2) Bluetooth profiles seriously lacking
(3) YouTube is slow (even on WiFi)
(4) No turn-by-turn GPS… yet
(5) Surface is easy to scratch
(6) No MMS

So; if you are yearning for an iPhone desperately, you may by now have one. But if you’re hedging your bets, I advise you to wait for the second-generation handset. Even with the latest $399 price for the 8GB model, it is yet a lot to demand a phone that comes with the lacking of so many characteristics and bolts you in an iPhone-specific two-year contract with AT&T.


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