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Asus DR900: A 9-inch eReader

By on December 15, 2010

Asus was last heard when it had brought to selves its EEE Note EA800. This was touted to be a blend of e-notepad (term just invented by me) and e-reader.

However, it seems the company does not want to be out of sight that is why; it has again come in highlight with its new or so to say its first ebook reader with 9-inch SiPix electrophoretic display.

Called as EEE Reader DR900, the unique e-reader is more than an e-reader; users can also use it to annotate eBooks as well as a choice of materials. And all this is made possible with the incorporation of the capacitive touchscreen layer.

Though the DR900 has got lots of similarities to share with the EA800, the built-in screen sets it apart with the latter, obviously, that’s the only USP of it. The integrated screen also looks a lot like the eInk, but not the LCD technology.

The very same screen offers superb experience of reading to users’ eyes and reduces the use of power to great extent. Further,  the ASUS EEE Reader DR900 allows for around four days battery life.

The ASUS DR900 too comes installed with a Webkit-enabled browser that allows you to purchase books. The device also offers the option of 3G & Wi-Fi connection if there isn’t any hotspot on range.

Moreover, the ASUS EEE Reader DR900 also has the functionality of text-to-speech that has already brought a lot of fame for Amazon Kindle. This amazing functionality can identify twenty-three languages at one time.

Last but not the least, the ASUS DR900 reader with 9-inch display has a thickness of 221 x 191 x 9.7mm, and tips the scales at only 440g.

Though there is no word from company as to its availability and pricing, but according to some tech-pundits, it is likely to be priced like the EA800 that is from $ 200 to 250. Thus, on the whole, the new ASUS DR900 reader with 9-inch SiPix electrophoretic display has got a lot of amazing features to allure the lovers of e-book readers, but what exactly has to be seen here is if it will beat the heat of other e-readers that has already captured the market with their avant-garde features and leading-edge technology. Let’s hope for the best!

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