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Asus launches first Skype certified videophone

By on April 10, 2009

asus_skype_videophoneHere is some good news for the millions of Skype users. For, they can now enjoy unlimited and free video calling seamlessly. Asus has just launched its first Skype certified videophone in collaboration with Skype, one of the leading VoIP service providers in the world.

Dubbed as Eee Videophone, which is part of the Asus’s Eee Videophone series, the videophone enables users to enjoy unlimited and free video calling service. The videophone does work without a PC. You can make the video calling over the internet.

The Eee Videophone is compact and very stylish. It targets both business as well as personal users. Using the videophone, the customers can manage videoconferencing effectively and talk to their friends, families and relatives any time they want.

Rich in latest features and functionalities, the Eee Videophone is regarded as one of the useful VoIP gadgets in the market. It comes with a 7 inch LCD display screen, a built-in webcam, microphone and speaker.

The webcam brings clarity in video and image even in poor lighting conditions. The sound quality of the Eee Videophone is impressive. You can hear the voice clearly. The videophone also features a standard mini-jack headset and microphone.

The Eee Videophone supports wireless WiFi and Wired LAN to enable the customers to make calls over internet. The videophone is powered by a rechargeable battery. So, it is portable. In other words, you can carry it where you like.

Manrique Brenes, Director of Business Development and Product Management for consumer electronics at Skype said, “The Eee Videophone is Skype’s first foray with a partner into the videophone category. With over 25% of Skype-to-Skype calls like video, we know that video calling is an easy, accessible and relevant way for people to communicate.

The videophone offers the benefits of video calling to a much wider audience, allowing friends and families to share their worlds face-to-face without being tied to a computer.” The Eee Videophone is now available. Its price is £219.95.

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