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AT&T Apologizes For Legal Threats To Customer

By on June 25, 2010

The tech-world was shocked when AT&T apologized for threatening one of its customers by sending Cease & Desist letter. The story goes like this that Giorgio Galante, a blogger, sent an e-mail to the CEO of AT&T and to Randall Stephenson, Chairman of AT&T.

In two weeks, AT&T received two mails from the same person, Giorgio Galante, showing his worry over the new data plans. At first, Giorgio, an iPhone user, enquired for iPhone tethering. Then, he showed his discontentment with the limited data plans by AT&T that had been launched lately. Prior to sending e-mails to AT&T CEO and Chairman, Galante had also e-mailed CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, who replied to him. Perhaps, Galante was expecting a similar response from AT&T, but there was something else in store for him.

Galante’s fault was at mailing Randall Stephenson, Chairman AT&T, directly instead of the mailing at the publicly listed mail address. Although Galante did not get a reply from Stephenson, not like in case of CEO, Apple, the Executive Response Team at AT&T did reply him back, thanking him for his valuable feedback.

The reply also warned him not to contact Stephenson again, or else a legal action against him would be taken. Galante was naturally upset at such a reply and mailed Stephenson again stating that he would switch on to Sprint and HTC EVO 4G.

Such a bold step by Galante impelled AT&T to apologize to him considering him to be one of the valuable customers. They further wrote that they are willing to work with him to address both his questions and concerns. They do not want to treat their customers the way they did to him.

They too assured him that each & every important customer service channel, right from Facebook, gets AT&T’s service of having their questions addressed with a lot of ease. In fact, senior VP, AT&T, himself called up Galante and apologized.

But, all these apologies didn’t work for Galante as he is firm on his decision of switching over to Sprint.

Though related to the hospitality attached to any job, no CEO can entertain every concern of the customers. That’s what Customer Care Centers are for. However threat of Cease & Desist letter was a serious concern.

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  • Dennis

    Have had this card for about 3 months. Before I go negative, I will mention that the customer service has been great. AT&T representatives have been on the phone with me concerning my issues for hours at a time in a couple of instances. Due to one of the problems I’ve had with this product I was unable to use it at all for about a month & they cleared me of any charges. I would say their customer service representatives are among the best as far as handling customers on the phone.
    Now to the negative portion of this review. First, I normally use a Linux operation system on my computer. The sales person who I talked with on the phone originally told me this product was Linux compatible. It’s not. Because I wanted the 4G capability for future use, I went out & paid $200 for windows 7. I still constantly have issues with this data card. One gets fixed then there’s another. Second, the original sales person said that because I was military & because my wife already had a data card with AT&T that I would get a lower monthly rate. Never happened & they have no record of this agreement. I’m still fighting this issue.
    Third, the last time I was on the phone with customer service they asked me to give the card a little more time. When I mentioned that for three months I have been on & off the phone with them about constant problems, they only had record of the last three weeks & didn’t seem to believe that I had had it for three months or had been having all the problems that I mentioned. Due to family emergencies & having to travel, I was unable to cancel this service in the 30 day window that they offer, so I’m basically stuck with it, but my other services that I have with them will soon come to an end & so will my patronage.