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AT&T unveils Pantech Impact phone

By on November 23, 2009

Pantech-ImpactImpact is a new addition from Pantech to the range of AT&T’s quick messaging phones. Colored in soft pink and bright blue, the Impact boasts of an awfully tactile touchpad, a bright glittery faceplate and a fully veiled keypad, which can be used for easy messaging.

The Impact is claimed to offer a supreme mobile phone experience with its two integrated screens. The lustrous outline of exterior is subsumed with pink detailing or textured blue. The below built-in touchpad of screen is very quick to respond and acts in response to the fingertips with a moderate haptic buzz. Users can also use the Impact for managing their preferred music, send texts or make calls but for opening it.

Built-in with a full QWERTY keyboard, the Impact also proves to be of high use for the internet buffs as it comes built-in with shortcut keys, which help make fast access to IM, email, text and switching between apps. Users can also enjoy an incredible multimedia experience with Impact’s built-in 2nd full-color display screen, which is ideal for viewing videos, friends’ images and profiles.

As the features, the Impact also lets users enjoy crystal-clear listening of GPS directions, music and chat on speakerphone. Users can also use the Impact to get hooked on-the-move because they cannot only update status, browse the web,  check newsfeeds, but can also stream video and music and enjoy playing games. Users can also use it to shoot and share videos and pictures with AT&T Mobile Email and multimedia messaging.


As the  reviews, the device also comes packed with att.net service and the latest HTML mobile browser of the AT&T. This mixes quicker HTML surfing with custom attributes to make favorite books and local searches personalized. The contraption is also incorporated with AT&T Navigator, which boasts of providing turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions in real-time.

The Impact via AT&T comes with the price of $99.99 with a 2-year contract, following a mail-in rebate. Users have to pay $149.99 for the 2-year and get a $50 AT&T Promotion Card). The Impact can be availed at AT&T stores and its official website.


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  • Ijustwantaphone

    For those of you who want a phone to be a phone first with a few extras then this is a nice phone. However, I cannot recommend this phone until Pantech (1-800-962-8622) corrects the mistake that they have made in advertising this phone. Their web site (http://www.pantechusa.com/phones/impact) as well as every other web site advertising this phone including AT&T’s say’s that this phone has “Speaker-Independent Voice Commands”. IT DOES NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE. If you are like me and need true hands free system that can be used with Bluetooth or even the speaker phone this is not the phone. AT&T’s solution to this problem was to add their “Voice Dial” to my account and graciously charge me $4.99 each month to dial *8, press talk, listen to prompt, say who I want to call, listen to some more prompts. But first I have to set up a separate contact list (limit of 20) on their web site because it does not use the contact list that you set up on your phone. This is not hands free, you can dial the number faster than you can go through this process.

    If you have already purchased this phone please call Pantech and insist that they give us a software update or recall this phone. AT&T should pull it from their line until the problem is fixed. I believe that false advertisement is against the law. Even if you haven’t purchased the phone still call… Don’t let Pantech and AT&T get by with this or it will only get worse.

    Now for the phone itself, I really like this phone. I waited an additional two years before upgrading my phone from a Razr. So for four years the only way that I could talk was to use the speakerphone or Bluetooth because the ear piece was rotten. Call quality on this phone is excellent. It is almost like talking on a landline. With it having two stereo speakers the speakerphone is also excellent (phone has to be open to work). For you music lovers it does not have a headphone jack, you will have to use Bluetooth or an adaptor (I thought a headphone jack was standard anymore). It is a little heaver than the Razr but it fits nicely in the hand and pocket. The front of the phone has a small window and a key pad below. The numbers are easy to see and well spaced. They do have haptic feedback when pressed and you can adjust the sensitivity level and vibration strength of the keys. It does take a little bit of getting use to but it is really not too bad. You will need to get the protective film for this phone and I would also recommend a protective cover. They make a clear one.

    You can enter 1,000 contacts with and with each contact you can enter 5 numbers, 2 e-mails, address, web URL and a memo if you save to phone. If you save to sim it is only 3 numbers and 1 e-mail. You can also group your contact and add a photo ID which will not show up on the front of the phone. The alarm which I find myself using for 5 min. cleanup warning in the classroom and for meds is quite loud and you can set it to repeat. You can choose from different ring tones and a single time, daily or weekend modes. The calendar works a lot like MS outlook calendar, nice. This phone also has a notepad, a voice memo recorder, a world clock, a calculator, a tip calculator, a unit converter, a stop watch, and a timer. There are 8 speed dial numbers. Remember this is not a smart phone but it is packed with organizational features. Another nice feature is that you can increase the font size and have two different font styles to pick from. This makes the phone very easy to read.

    I did not purchase the phone for the camera so I will let some else speak to that. I did try it out thou and the phone has to be flipped opened to take the picture. The web interface is nice and comes up quickly and I did not experience any lag time during browsing. The screen however is a little small. But here again, I did not buy the phone for web browsing and will cancel that feature before my 30 days are up. I am not a big texter but I did find the key board easy to use. I like the toggle button better than the arrow keys even if it does take a little more room (personal taste).
    If you do want to purchase the data package you can also watch TV clips or full length shows. I have it free for 30 days so I tried it out. I was very impressed; however the phone did get warm after 40 min. of use and took quite a while to cool down. I am not sure that the heat generated by this feature is good and on the thin circuit boards in these phones. I would not recommend using this feature very often not to mention the damage it is doing to your eyes. Just a thought.

    I have been on the Phone with Pantech and AT&T since the 16th and the “Speaker-Independent Voice Commands” issue has not been resolved. I have talked to several people at Pantech all of which promised to call me back. I am still waiting!!! As you can tell from above I like the phone, but I want was advertised which is one of the reasons that I purchased the phone. Please help me to convince Pantech and AT&T to fix this problem and call Pantech at (1-800-962-8622).

    Update, just got off the phone with Alex at Pantech and the official line is that is was a mistake on the part of the advertisers or that perhaps AT&T remove this feature during the beta testing. The bottom line is that there probably will not be an update for this phone in the near future if ever. My phone is going back and I will start the process again of trying to find a phone with voice clarity, speed dial, Speaker-Independent Voice Commands, and the productivity features that I have come to expect on a phone. Any suggestions?

  • yourajackass

    you whinny bitch you have poluted just about every user review site for this phone about your stupid voice command bs…who cares about your beef and that the man is sticking it to you. We don’t care and only want a review of the phone. Like is the flip apparatus sturdy or will it break easy? Yes it will only get worse because att will lie about all their phones and coverage maps…oh wait..they’ve done that since they took over cingular and cingular did it. Get a life biaaatch.

  • agreed!

    amen, this phone has great features. dont complain about it to everyone, its freakin’ voice command. who cares? NOT US! stop bitchin’ :)

  • Justforfun

    Yeah..you shouldnt be talking on your phone while driving!!

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/att-unveils-pantech-impact-phone/ totally

    i totally agree with this!! i honestly do NOT care about effing voice command-ILL NEVER USE IT!!!! i jst want a good txting fone. so is it good or not?!

  • agreed

    yes, it is awesome for texting. i finally got it and i looooove it. the buttons are perfect. they are big, and i like it when they are hard not rubbery so i love it! any more questions, just ask! :)

  • darline

    is it durable, will it break easily?? are there any problems that any of u have experienced with it?

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/att-unveils-pantech-impact-phone/ luv.da.pantech.impact

    i really want the pantech impact-it looks soooooooo awsum-but how awsum is it really??

  • agreed

    It is durable, I dont know how easily it will break. I haven’t noticed it being cheaply made or anything. I have not had any problems with it really. There are a few things that are different that you might have to get used to. I love it though. It is really nice and I loooove the buttons on it, they are harder than the ones on the phone I had before so I like them a lot better. The phone is awesome, any more questions feel free to ask. :)

  • vickid

    I have had the Impact for little over a week now and I love the phone. The hinge is strong with no floppiness at all and it is smooth.
    The call quality is good as far as clearness and volume. The speakerphone has good sound to it.
    Pictures taken with it are pretty good, but there is no flash and you need quite a bit of light in order for the pictures to not be a little grainy.
    It is excellent for texting, The keyboard is set up well and the keys are beveled so you can feel each key and not have alot of errors from pressing wrong keys.
    It is an elegant looking phone, I got the soft pink one and it is a pearlized pink, so it doesn’t look cheap like alot of the colored plastic phones.
    The touch screen is nice, but it is very sensitive even set on the lowest sensitivity setting, I had alot of trouble with the touch on my LG VU, but this Impact is calibrated very well.
    The external screen is bright and easy to read and the internal screen is very clear and crisp and a nice size.
    I consider the fact that you have to have the phone open to take a picture a little annoying and you need the phone open to use the speakerphone, but they aren’t major deal breakers.
    All in all this phone is easy to use, does what you want, when you want and how you want.
    I do miss the image editor that my VU had, but the VU was a total pain for me, so the Impact is a step up.
    I like the browser on the Impact and I have had no freezes and flakiness like I had on my VU.
    I would recommend this phone for anyone that does alot of texting, IMing, Facebook and Googling.

  • candy lover

    I absolutely love the pantech impact!! Dont get me wrong but, I noticed a problem with the phone that I experienced. Like when you receive a lot of text messages, it often freezes a lot. I find this very annoying because although I press the end key or close the phone and open it again, I have to shut the phone off completly before it can work again! This is one of my biggest concerns knowing that I do text a lot and having to shut off my phone several times is a struggle!! What can I do to make it stop freezing? Is there a way to make it stop?

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/att-unveils-pantech-impact-phone/ linze

    hey guys!! i have recently purchased the panntech impact so any questions just let me kno ;). ive noticed the freezing but for me its not that bad-i just have to open and close it again

  • wam525

    All in all a pretty good phone with a few annoying features. First ATT takes control of your address book, stuffing it with 6 of their own ATT numbers that I’ll never use. AND these listings can’t be removed or changed. They are also at the top of the list, which makes them even more annoying. Second, the front keyboard is pretty useless, since it is so dark, you can barely see where the numbers are in dim light. In bright light it’s impossible to use. The phone needs better lighting on the front. But when open it’s fine and great for texting.

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/att-unveils-pantech-impact-phone/ linze

    true att does put sum of their numbers in ur fone, but i luuuv the front keyboard! i can see it in any light and it is excelllent for txting. at night its so bright that itll light up my bedroom and i jst love it!! this phone has great stuff (like being able to change the clock on the internal and external screen as well as being ablle to put a line of txt across ur wallpaper in a variety of color.) i say this is the best fone u can get from att

  • agreed

    Well personally the freezing thing has only happened to me a couple of times and the times that it has all I have had to do is close the phone and open it back up. I do not agree with the thing about the front screen, I love it, not that I use it as much as the inside obviously, but in dim light that is why the keys light up and in bright light you can still see them. The thing about the contacts, they do that with any phone, and they actually do come in handy sometimes. I have unlimited texting so that isnt really a big problem but I added my mom to my plan recently so it is nice knowing how many minutes we have used and things like that! :)

  • Squintgirl

    Im getting this phone a little later in the year, but I have a couple of questions.
    1) Can you chage the color of the keys on the front screen?

    2) Can you put a signature in txt messages?

    3) And if you txt alot like I do, is the battery life good?

  • The Only Me

    I like this phone I got it yesterday. My phone hasn’t froze or anything but how come when I want to look at someone’s web page it says i need flash player? I had the Pantech Matrix and I didn’t have that problem. Is there any way I can download it somewhere? Oh yeah can I set a Pic to my contacts? Well other thank that this phone is cool and I love the blue lights. :)

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/att-unveils-pantech-impact-phone/ linze


    if u get the blue one the lcd light stays blue..u cant change it. for the pink 1 its white. i dont thnk u can put a signature on the txts either. the batter life is great!!

  • agreed

    The Only Me:

    You can set a picture to your contacts. Obviously, it won’t show up on the front screen, but that is normal because of the size. With the web pages… I have not had any problems with seeing other peoples web page. When you are on the internet and you are trying to look at someones page, try going to options and changing the view to computer off of the cell phone view. :) Hope I could help!

  • vickid

    I had to exchange my Impact.
    after two weeks I hadn’t been able to just grab it out of my bag without hitting the ignore soft key. even if you have phone lock on, when someone calls you, the ignore soft key and hang up key is activated. the touch screen is so sensitive and even on the lowest sensitive setting it is still too touchy.
    I did like the keyboard, but to have the speakerphone activated you have to have the phone open.
    It is a stylish and pretty phone….but after having major pains with the touch screen on my LG Vu and then with the Impact, I am staying away from touch screens until these companies get it right like the Apple did with the iPhone.
    I exchanged my Impact for the Pantech Reveal and actually have NO problems with it at all.
    I talked to ATT tech support about the Impact and the ignore soft key, they referred me to Pantech Tech. and they told me there was no fix for the sensitivity problem on the Impact

  • http://www.yourmom.com Magen.


  • tiana

    i am thinking about gettin dis phone 2 replace my samsung propel. is it easy to text?? will it last long? thxx

  • dad?

    I got this phone about a month or so ago, and I really like it. The texting is excellent and so is the call quality, also I love that instead of an inbox it has the conversations feature. My only issue with it is it tends to randomly shut off on my when I close it from the open keyboard position. Sometimes it turns off and sometimes it it restarts. Did anyone else have this issue and is there a solution?

  • ryan

    sometimes my phone will randomly ‘at&t social net activated’ even when no one holds it. does anyone know how to fix this?

  • maybe returning this phonw

    I got this phone a little over a month ago. the internal screen is black the buttons work but not the screen. thinking about just getting my blackberry pearl reactivated, never had any problems with it.

  • mackenzie

    I got this phone a month ago and my internal screen is black. what do i do ?

  • austin

    Well how Can you change the EXTERNAL CLOCK?? I know how to change the internal clock… but i’m at a los going about how to change the external clock… PLZ HELP!!!!

  • i want it!!!

    i want this phone SOOO bad and it WILL be my 1st fone. people are saying there is a touch screen but i cand tell which one it is: the external or internal? i can handle the bugs it may have but i need to know which one is a touch screen…

  • CD

    Does any one know if the Pantech Impact phone have a quick lock function. After every call or text, you have to go thru the menu options to lock your phone.

  • Lori

    yeah I have a ? I was giving this phone by teh kids dad and I noticed that there are little bulbs on the front of the phone what is that for its right the word Pantect

  • your mom(:

    pretty good phone… i’ve had the blue one for about 3 months and haven’t had TOO many issues. the front screen scratches really easilyand the back falls out alot. but if you get a case it will help. and the callng is a little confusing and weird. but I really like the keyboard(s) and the look of the phone. I would reccomend it for fast and easy texing. I’ll be happy to answer any questions(: hope this helped!!!!(:

  • Alaina

    A problem i have all of a sudden got with my Pantech Impact is that it stopped vibrating. On the front screen, and when i get a call/text. The front screen still works, but doesn’t vibrate. I’ve went through and checked all my settings, tried shutting it off and back on, and pretty much everything I can think of. If the problem continues, I’ll call AT&T.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  • heidi

    Does anyone know how to lower the text alert tone?

  • Breanna

    I found out I am getting this phone for Christmas and I think it is a cool phone but with hearing all of the bad comments. I am not so sure. I know this will be a good phone since this is my first phone. Can someone give me a conclusion? Is it a good or bad phone?

  • Breanna

    GO to settings, click display, click home screen, click clock type, click external clock, press left or right icon then press ok to choose. Hope that helped. :)

  • Eva

    i just got my phone yesterday and it stopped viabrating…did you fix your problem? I need to fix mine

  • Fred

    It freezes up almost all the time after three or four messages in a roll! I am sick and tired of that! I have to literaly take the battery off, or turn it off then after turning it on again; it will send the massage !

  • Mort

    I have one and I hate it. Worst mobile web experience 3G is slow and LCD screen is small. It has a crummy design. Can’t wait to upgrade and get rid of it. Will never go to a Pantech again. It’s a piece of garbage.

  • Sam

    I purchased the blue pantech and have had trouble w/my back coming off all the time. It will not lock in place. Has anyone had this trouble?

  • Me

    I have had my impact for about 9 months and today it keeps randomly shutting off/on I don’t know why though

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have either data plan or a micro SD. Then is there any way to download pictures from this phone? Highly appreciated.