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Autodesk Sketches Out SketchBook Mobile App For Android

By on December 10, 2010

Here is some dulcet news for all the users of Android devices, who are fond of sketching. Autodesk has slid wraps off an Android device application that allow for digital painting and drawing.

The SketchBook Mobile, as the application is known as, comprises of a lot of sketching tools. This means that after installing SketchBook Mobile on your Android-based phone, you can make a beautiful sketch anytime, anywhere.

The mobile phone has seen many phases of development, and in each phase, the handset has been adorned with a brilliant feat to make it more than a device. Web-surfing, games, etc. are the most apparent examples. Similarly, SketchBook Mobile is also an application that makes the mobile phone an engaging device. SketchBook, hence, commit to making the mobile phone capable of generating creative content.

SketchBook Mobile works on the engine utilized in Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro desktop software. The new application is crafted to meet the requirements of artwork production and informal drawing. The SketchBook Mobile also bears the essence of superior quality pens, airbrushes, markers and digital pens.

In addition, the SketchBook Mobile has been devised to meet the needs of graphic artists, illustrators, students, designers and hobbyists and the mobile application is getting highly popular among these consumer groups.

The SketchBook Mobile is available for download at the Android Market, with the price of just $2.99. Besides, the application also offers support for Android 2.1-based devices.

Besides, a Mobile Express version of the Autodesk SketchBook has been made available for download for those who want to try it for free once. But, the Mobile Express version will not give access to all the functionalities that the SketchBook Mobile (paid version) is capable of. So, if the users want to have a broad idea of the software they can certainly go for the Mobile Express version without paying even a penny.

The purchased version of the software has 40 additional brushes as compared to the free version. Besides, the purchased version comes with the function of a fully customizable Brush Editor. The purchased version also allows for more layering options for 6 different layers, blending as well as duplication. The transformation tool, further, enables rotating, scaling and moving. With the paid version, users can export the sketches in JPEG, PNG or PSD format.


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