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AVG Anti-Virus 2011 Business Edition & AVG Internet Security 2011 Business Edition

By on November 8, 2010

With the launch of Internet Security 2011 and Anti-Virus 2011, AVG has opened up new horizons for internet security world. Especially designed for the owners of small business firms, the two new Business Edition internet security solutions sport easy operation along with full-proof protection.

Keeping in mind the day-to-day online transactions and communications that a small business firm owner has to carry out, Anti-Virus 2011 and Internet Security 2011 gives the flexibility to the users the way they want. Efficient in protecting sensitive data, the Internet Security 2011 offers the users a strong shield against prevailing online threats that show up while performing business transactions over the Internet.

Anti-Virus 2011 keeps the sensitive data of the users safe without affecting the smooth running of network.

Small business firm owners neither have an expertise on IT matters nor do they have an extensive network of IT experts to deal with their business security. It is partly because of the monetary matters and partly owing to infrastructure constraints.

AVG aims at making the users feel comfortable while installing the security solutions on their systems and rest assured that they are shielded against the spywares and malwares. The kind of ease and simplicity that the Business Edition of Anti-Virus and Internet Security proffer is simply inequitable.

Both these internet solutions – Anti-Virus and Internet Security – are based on People Powered Protection model, proprietary to AVG. This design model has at its back the valuable feedback of over 110 million contented users. Hence, it ensures protection while you are chatting or updating on social network or simply browsing through the Web. In addition, this design is agile yet powerful.

One of the renowned users of AVG security systems is Switzerland-based Kaseya, one of the renowned names in the IT world. The list is a long one and the new Business Edition solutions are a result of the feedback of such great names.

In fact, AVG has an eye on every nook and corner of Kaseya including component status, scans, signature versions, and so on.

Both the Business Edition Anti-Virus, Internet Security solutions by AVG can be bought from www.avg.com. The 1yr, 5-seat license of Internet Security 2011 (Business Edition) can be purchased at $247.99. 1-year, 2-seat license of Anti-Virus 2011 (Business Edition) is priced at $89.99 while the same for 2 years is available at $134.99.

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