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Bing For Mobile iPhone and Android Apps Get Massive Feature Updates

By on December 24, 2010

Microsoft has recently unveiled a new set of Bing for Mobile versions for both Android-based phones and iPhone. After the Windows Phone 7, the Bing for Mobile is ready to sweep off the feet of iPhone users and Android phone users with an array of feats that are useful and unique.

The iPhone and Android-based phone users shall not wait a second to get these features for their handsets as they have been made available absolutely free. The newly launched version of Bing for Mobile features a streamlined homepage and enhanced layout that together result in hassle-free navigation.

Besides, the new version of Bing for Mobile features Auto Suggest that enables the users to narrow down their search related to restaurants.

The search for restaurants is done based on the preferences of the users pertaining to the cuisine, ambience, location and, of course, price. Besides offering a quick search for restaurants, the new version enables the users to even book a table in that particular restaurant. So, it can be said that the new version of Bing for Mobile is designed for the foodies and for those who like to spend quality time with their friends and family often.

Also, Bing for Mobile app for the iPhone allows the users to be known with an unknown location ahead of actually visiting the location. This feat is known as Bing Streetside.

So, if the users have to visit a new location of which they have no idea at all, Bing Streetside will rescue them through a panoramic view on a multi-street level. The Bing Streetside also renders other exclusive imaging features.

In keeping with the growing craze for social network among people, the new
version of Bing for Mobile also allows the users to update their status messages on Live Messenger, Foursquare and Facebook.
In addition to finding a location, the new version of Bing for Mobile comprises of location-based reminders, fast voice search and Bing Vision, the feat dedicated to visual search.

The brand-new version of Bing for Mobile allows the users to share local search results and the application also updates real-time transit.
For users of Android-based phones, the new version of Bing for Mobile stores a wide array of exclusive features such as image bookmark, advanced search widget and ‘What’s Nearby’. Also, the application allows the users to search and book a place to hold an event. Users can also share these search results.

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