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Blackberry Tablet To Become Reality, Rumors Confirmed

By on August 23, 2010

The Tablet PC is no longer a style statement, neither a gadget in a geek’s arsenal.

The contemporary tablet PCs offer decent power and connectivity features to make it an accessory to the traveling tech-savvy businessman, the high-school student or even the simple Internet users.

Apart from checking and composing e-mails, checking pictures, watching movies or playing games such as card games, arcade games and portable games, it can also be used for reading e-books, making notes, listening to music and more.

The latest to join in this league of tablet manufacturers is Blackberry. Rumors say that the new tablet by Blackberry will have a screen of 7-inches. The tablet will also feature both front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

The Blackberry tablet will support Flash and features a Marvell processor, most likely the 1GHz Armada 610 CPU by Marvell. This processor will allow smooth playback of 1080p video content. Also, 3D graphics will be duly supported by the Marvell processor.

Another notable point here is that this processor is a pre-requisite for the 16-mp camera. This means that we can expect each of these attributes in the new tablet by Blackberry. Released some time back, the Blackberry 6 OS will also be featured in this much-talked- about tablet. Blackberry 6 OS will offer enhanced web-surfing solutions to the users and will also account for various features to boost the social networking service.

Most users across the globe are familiar with Adobe’s Flash. With the recent decision by Apple to do away with Adobe Flash in Apple’s iPad, it is likely that users accustomed to it will be disappointed. In such a situation, Blackberry’s tablet would feature Adobe Flash so one can very well guess that the crowd will be in their favor. The integration of Adobe Flash support will gain them a huge customer base all over.

The tentative date for releasing Blackberry tablet in the UK was set in December. But, as of now, no concrete details regarding its launch date, price and availability locations have been released.

RIM tops the charts when it comes to leaders in smartphone manufacturing. Neither Apple nor Nokia has been able to stand against them. So, Blackberry tablet has bright chances owing to RIM’s market share and undisputable position in the market.

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