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Branex iTamTam iPod docking stool

By on January 28, 2010

Third party manufacturers have provided some excellent docking stations for Apple iPod in terms of usability and performance. But, engineers at Branex have come up with something really, really weird. They have just launched a new iPod docking station in form of a mid-sized stool. They’ve named the product as iTamTam, mostly to match the weirdness of its idea. Branex iTamTam is surely one of the most ‘out-of-the-box’ products displayed at CES 2010. The interesting innovation from Branex received mixed reactions from visitors.

The docking stool has dedicated slot for holding your iPod at one side and you can enjoy its music while sitting on this bar-type stool. The stool hosts speaker arrangement and the idea of music experience from your stool would seem a little awkward to most of you, but it’s also something interesting that has never been tried before. Several models of iTamTam docking stool were unveiled at CES ’10. Branex displayed a lightweight M1 model which has 70W speaker system.

Singular 5.25 inch sub woofer is surrounded by four 1.5 inch mini-units. iTamTam is also available in various attractive color combination such as shiny blue, green, black, golden and brown-orange. iTamTam is also available in different sizes so that user can find comfort in his own sized docking stool. Considering its structure, it is not really comfortable to sit in for a long, continuous stretch. If you are planning on listening to iPod music for nearly 3-4 hours continuously with iTamTam, you should be prepared for pain in your backside as it provides no support at all for your back.

Shockingly, iTamTam is tagged at astronomically high $570. You can even get a pretty decent netbook with that kind of money. It would be fair to say that iTamTam is really not worthy of $570 price tag. Plus, it is not portable in any manner. So, it is somewhat unclear why Branex has priced iTamTam so high. But, still I’m quite sure that iPod a few wealthy iPod enthusiasts would give it a try. Overall, the French company has experimented with a very unconventional design and a lot of improvement is expected before something like this could actually ‘sell’ in iPod docking stations market.


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