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Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

By on August 2, 2011

Canon Ixus 310 HS is a high performance mid-range and compact digital camera that is packed with many features. The real highlights of the camera are the HD video capture, vivid picture quality, and striking performance in low light.

Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

The stylish design of the camera along with its large LCD screen, and attractive colors make the camera a stylish accessory to carry with you.  Styles apart, the camera also performs great in taking pictures. It is packed with some of the state of the art technologies that the users can use very easily.

Ease of Use:

In fact, the ease of use has been one of the major features of the Canon Ixus 310 HS digital camera. The camera has a touch screen that has really been the order of the day. Canon Ixus 310 HS has a 3.2 inch screen that covers almost the entire backside of the camera. The 461k-dot resolution screen is sharp and the users can easily scroll through the options from there. The camera also has a dedicated virtual button for one touch video recording.

Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

However, the touch screen could have been more responsive and more practical. Sometimes, the users find it a bit frustrating to find out the small icons in the screen. At the same time, it can be annoying to scroll through the menus to find out the ideal shooting options. Often, you will find that the moment for shoot has gone past by that time.

Canon Ixus 310 HS Specifications:

Canon Ixus 310 HS is packed with many features. The camera comes with back illuminated CMOS censor with the effective pixel count of 12.1 million to offer superior quality picture. The 4.4x optical zoom offers the focal range of 24mm – 105mm that is quite useful for the general purpose photography.

However, the telephoto range could have been better. The camera comes with a big 3.2” touch screen that covers a considerable part of its back. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a high resolution of the screen ensures that the screen is visible in contrast light situations.

Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

The camera offers a good range of ISO sensitivity that covers the range of 100 to 3200. This is likely to make low light photography possible in Canon Ixus 310 HS. The camera offers various focus modes such as Single, Continuous, Touch AF, Servo AF/AE. The shutter speed of the camera ranges from 1 second to 1/16000 second. However, thanks to the different shooting modes, the minimum shutter speed of Canon Ixus 310 HS can be as low as 15 seconds.

The camera is quite handy. It weighs only 185 grams when the memory card and batteries are loaded. The dimension of the camera is a convenient 100.6 x 55.4 x 25 mm. Finally, the camera derives its power from the rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

Canon Ixus 310 HS Performance:

Canon Ixus 310 HS performs almost as well as it sounds. To start off with the positives, Canon Ixus 310 HS offers superb quality pictures. Thanks to the high ISO and low shutter speed, the camera can also capture good quality pictures in low light.

The video recording of the camera is another great asset. It can capture high quality video with 1080p. Apart from capturing videos, it also records stereo sound through the inbuilt microphones. The entire zoom range can be utilized while capturing videos. However, it makes the camera a bit slow. But, this is good as it ensures the smooth recording of video.

Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

The touch screen feature makes it easier for the users to access the menus and options. The optical image stabilizer and high speed video recording are two features that have been retained from the previous Ixus models for good. The large LCD screen at the back, and the sleek design of the camera add to the aesthetics as well.

Though there are so many great features in Canon Ixus 310 HS, there are certain points at which the camera falls short of expectations. The pictures have some softness though it is not noticeable most of the time. While shooting in high contrast, the camera does show the signs of chromatic aberrations that can be quite noticeable.

Noise is another significant aspect of Canon Ixus 310 HS. Though it has an ISO sensitivity of up to 3200, digital noise becomes perceivable from 400; and at ISO 800, it becomes quite observable. The noise reduction technology that the camera provides does perform well to reduce the noise. But, at the same time, it reduces the details and the images become less vivid.

Canon Ixus 310 Hs Digital Camera Review

The touch screen too, is not without any fault. At times, it becomes difficult to spot the tiny icons on the screen. Also, there is no other physical control to go back to in case the touch screen malfunctions.

The camera, though looks stylish, does not offer superior grip. This may cause problems to the users. Some users may also look for more options in terms of colors. The camera is available only in brown, pink and gold. Also, the design of the camera is not very intuitive. The new users may find it difficult to spot the different chambers and places that have different chambers for batteries, memory cards etc.

However, the greatest drawback of the camera is the price. Other cameras that belong to the same price range offer a lot of other features. Most of them offer longer zooms and better controls.


The camera is extremely good looking and the colors have made it really attractive. In terms of the image quality, the camera takes sharp pictures in general conditions. Its performance in the low light conditions is not bad as well.

However, the camera does not offer the optical zoom that the other cameras in the same price bracket offer. 4.4x optical zoom with the telephoto end of 105mm is not an encouraging feature. Also, at the telephoto end, the camera’s aperture is not as wide as it is supposed to be. The battery life of the camera is not impressive, though not bad.

In short, if you are looking for a digital compact camera that is good, stylish, and take sharp pictures in normal conditions, Canon Ixus 310 HS is the camera that you should be looking for, provided, of course, you can spend the money without thinking twice.

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