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Canon Single Shot Multi-band Camera

By on October 27, 2010

Canon Expo 2010 was unique in itself – giving space to some of the best and innovative technologies such as cameras and XEED projectors. The new and innovative imaging technologies that Canon has devised will allow the visitors see the images in a different light.

The new imaging technology developed by Canon will not only be appropriated for homes but also suitable for office needs. Out of the various newly developed imaging technologies, the single-shot multiband camera will soon turn into reality.

The proverb “All that glitters is not gold” holds true here. This is because the camera developed by Canon will show you the lights reflected by objects, which you normally cannot see. This might sound cool to a photography enthusiast or some other business professionals, but to a common man it might not make sense just like a headphone making you hear sounds beyond human audible range would make no sense. But Canon has developed this unique piece for specific purposes.

This single-shot multiband camera is perhaps the first of its kind. The USP of this camera is its ability to distinguish colors even in high resolution that is out of reach of human eye. The CMOS sensor has 6-color filters mounted on it that renders the distinctive capacity of color distinction, found neither in 3-color cameras (RGB cameras) nor in normal eyesight.

The demonstration at the expo used 50MP CMOS sensor. So, one can very well estimate the level of perfection achieved by 50 million pixels CMOS sensor that will not only achieve 6-color multiband shooting, but also high resolution. The multiband camera also enriches color reproduction.

The single-shot multiband camera by Canon aims at reproducing the truest possible reproduction of varying colors. What determines an object’s color is the angle at which the light rays strike it. This camera by Canon captures this very color variation that comes with varying angles of incident light.

Digital representation of cultural properties, e-commerce and medical sector are three of the many sectors that have to deal with such color variation every day. The new camera will utterly benefit these sectors by allowing accurate transmission of data and recording of color data.

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