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DXG creates world’s first 3D camcorder

By on January 20, 2010

3D-video is the recent craze. Movies are being viewed with 3D glasses. The people might have thought of making their own 3D video. Pocket camcorder maker DXG has come up with the solution. People can now shoot 3d videos but hey don’t expect it to be HD. The company’s new 3D camcorder will permit shooting only in VGA resolution. You can’t get HD recording at a price tag of US$400.The first 3D camcorder is expected to come out in June 2010.

The 3D viewing will be helped by the 7 inch digital video viewer. The bad news is you won’t be able to view the 3D video footage other than on your DXG panel. The company needs to come up with the solution to that. Users will surely want to view it in the larger screen but as for now the 7 inch panel will do. The 3D view is almost holographic and the actual footage was decent as well.

Talking about file formats the video is in motion JPEG which is quite a decent format. The looks don’t impress many but the work certainly will when it comes out this June. The camcorder market is certainly looking forward to this. If DXG is able to announce the arrival of 3D recording camcorder it will certainly be craved in the mind of many gadget lovers. The camcorder will just rely on its 3d recording to be a success.

Nobody expected DXG to come up with the 3D camcorder. DXG is known for its pocket camcorder and someone with that reputation comes up with 3D sheer hard work I believe. The grip is pistol like and the camcorder is supported by a dual lens. The DXG also comes up with other models before the release of the 3D camcorder.

There are no pre-release expectations from the product though. The good thing is if the bar is set too high for DXG 3D camcorder it might falter. Although not confirmed but DXG intends to release a HD version of the 3D recorder with a bigger price-tag. The camcorder works by recording two streams. Post release comments will decide its fate. Leading camcorder maker JVC & Panasonic will surely await the release of the DXG new 3D camcorder.DXG will surely make their presence felt if the product is a success.

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