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Fresh Variant Of Swype Beta For Android Released

By on December 21, 2010

After the grand success of the Swype Beta version for Nokia S60 fifth edition mobile phones, another Swype Beta version is soon going to be released for Android-based devices.

The Swype Beta named as is not only full with brand new features, but is also committed to protect against known bugs.

What is new in this new Swype Beta version is that it has taken care of the accuracy issue found in the earlier version. The new Swype Beta allows editing through double tap. This means that the users will have to tap twice on a particular word so that the word-choice window opens up. As soon as the users select the correct word, the cursor moves on to the previous place.

For those Android-based devices that come with a QWERTY keyboard, the Swype Beta version has a freshly introduced feature, called Voice-to-Text button. But one condition has to be fulfilled to avail this service – Voice Search powered by Google. If the users’ Android-based device has the Voice Search app pre-installed, only then the Voice-to-Text button will work.

Besides, the Swype Beta version would not annoy the users with the popup message for ‘Hidden Word’ as in the earlier version. There may be occasions when the ‘Hidden Word’ message pops up once but its repetitive occurrence is done with. In the Swype Beta version, the word-choice window does not display contacts stored in the address book as was the case in the prior version. This means that the contacts will not occupy the list’s beginning unnecessarily.

Moreover, Swype Beta version packs in new installer with some much-awaited function updates. The new Swype Beta version for Android supports Chinese Pinyin. But curious users should keep it in mind that Chinese Pinyin differs from other languages in several respects and so extra care has to be taken to deal with it. Besides Chinese Pinyin, the new Swype Beta version also offers support for French, German and Portuguese.

The algorithm of word prediction has been updated so that it can support more and more new languages. There is good news for non-English users too as the Swype Beta version doesn’t automatically capitalize ‘i’ in foreign languages. The all new Swype Beta version for Android is available for download at http://beta.swype.com/android/.

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