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Fujitsu spreads 3D Magic to desktop PC with Esprimo FH5503AM

By on July 7, 2010

With more and more devices going 3D to offer a digital viewing experience, the expectations of the consumers have gone up. Now nobody talks about anything else than 3D experience while watching a movie or anything else for that matter.

An all-new device, Esprimo FH550/3AM, has been designed by Fujitsu in this line to meet the growing demands of the consumer market.

The latest Esprimo FH550/3AM has three different 3D features integrated into its system whereby it touts to provide a complete PC solution. Esprimo FH550/3AM is built-in with a 20 inches widescreen LCD, which allows for an amazing experience of 3D-content viewing.

The device also makes the conversion of 2D content to 3D content simpler, and brings about 3D content with a lot of ease. Well, a larger-than-life claim by Fujitsu about Esprimo FH550/3AM is that it will be the first-ever device to have incorporated into it all the above-mentioned features. Hence, it will redefine the desktop 3D experience.

Esprimo FH550/3AM has been designed in such a way that it is in sync with the Blu-ray 3D standard of the next-generation. Going by this, we can very well assume that Esprimo FH550/3AM would augment the viewing experience.

Besides, Esprimo FH550/3AM can also easily convert a 2D content from a DVD to 3D content. This conversion can be carried out for PC games as well. So, next time, you won’t have any problem in watching a 3D video at YouTube with Fujitsu Esprimo FH550/3AM. Plus, you can also enjoy viewing videos from any other site that has the desired 3D effects.

Other than that, Esprimo FH550/3AM also comes built-in with two webcams that are capable of recording 3D videos with optimum quality sound. The built-in webcams also allow you to capture 3D pictures. The Circular Polarization Technology, used by Esprimo FH550/3AM for displaying 3D video, creates a composed and undisturbed 3D screening.

The desktop has been so innovative using advanced technology that it refreshes user experience and augments computing gratification. Last but not the least: an assortment of 3D games have also been implanted to deliver a complete 3D experience. The DVD software helps you enjoy viewing 3D content.

Esprimo FH550/3AM is slated to be shipped in with a pair of glasses whereby you can enjoy watching any 3D movie or television programme. The device is presently available in Japan, but so far, there is no clue as to its pricing.

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