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Google Adds Personalized Recognition to Voice Search Android App

By on December 24, 2010

Google’s plans seemed to extensive when it not only made the Voice application powered by Google itself available to iPod Touch and the iPad but also announced the availability of a brand new Voice Search app for all devices based on the Android 2.2 OS. Known as the Personalized Recognition, this app is driven by the users’ voice. The app gets a hang of how the users speak and hence yields accurate results.

The Personalized Recognition feat for Voice Search app is optional. This means that users can either enable it or disable it depending upon their preferences by making necessary changes in the setting to Voice Recognition on the Android device. This has been done in view of issues related to privacy & security of the users’ accounts. Users can also disassociate voice recordings from their Google account via the Google Dashboard appearing in the Speech section.

The Personalized Recognition feat when enabled on the device associates with all the recorded words on your phone or any other device that the users commanded for recognition with their personal Google account. By assembling these words, the Personalized Recognition app builds up a voice model that is based on the users’ voice snippets. This voice model will result into advanced voice recognition.

As the users utilize Voice Search by Google, the app gets associated with more recorded words and makes more faultless voice models, and so more will be the accuracy of the Personalized Recognition app.

The Personalized Recognition feature of Voice Search is currently available in US English and is limited to users in the US. But Google has shown its eagerness to spread this unique app and its feature to more countries covering more languages.

The Personalized Recognition is compatible with a device based on Android 2.2 and works even better and faster on a 3G network or EDGE network.

The objective behind the Voice Search app was to build speech models accommodating an array of people irrespective of gender, accents, age, pitch variations or variations in pace.

The Personalized Recognition feat further strengthens the motto of Google to bring in maximum level of accuracy by learning the individual speaking style of people.

So, just download the latest Voice Search app version and go personal with Voice Recognition.

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