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Google Maps Extends Street View

By on March 16, 2010

Google is by far the best search engine in the world and it has done wonders in almost every field related to the internet. Now it has come with something even bigger. GPS is nothing new to the users but to make it available on every street is what is amazing. Google has announced that its maps will be covering every single road in the UK. If you are on a car or walking on the road you have the liberty to go anywhere because you can access all the places from your mobile or laptop.

Google will cover almost 95% of the UK streets which is not an easy task keeping in view the UK street system. British roads are spread well over seven hundred thousand miles and Google will provide a 360-degree view of all of them which is nothing short of brilliance.

The images of the streets were taken by Google car in which a panoramic camera was fitted and where car was not possible Google sent its tricycle to take the images. Google street service was only available in 25 cities before but not it will be available in further 210,000 miles.

Though the images will only be available from public roads but critics are of view that criminals can use this much detail of the streets for themselves. Google has insured privacy and anonymity as well. It has used the technology that will automatically blur the number plates of the cars and faces of the people. It is up to the people, their home and cars can be removed from Google if they say so.

Google is of the view that this launch will help many businesses because these maps can be embedded in the websites and that too free of charge. This launch from Google will put UK in line with Spain and France and other countries. Google said the major challenge in UK was weather because Street View Images are best in dry weather. As conditions are overcast in UK for most part of the year, the service might not work as efficiently as it does in Spain but it all remains to be seen.

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