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Google Nexus Two glimpsed as QWERTY Motorola Shadow?

By on January 20, 2010

Since the Google Nexus One has come into view, most of the much-talked about phones have taken the backseat. It doesn’t mean that they could not appeal to the masses, but the sheer magic of Google is enough to give complex to the big giants of the tech-world. As Google arrived with Nexus One, the mobile giants have also begun to show their teeth as the iPhone 4G.

Earlier the web was buzzing with iPhone 4G and now it is Motorola Shadow, which has caught the instant attention of tech-pundits. If media reports have to be believed the new Motorola Shadow gives the impression of Motorola Droid and Milestone in white shade and with a little different designing with a wrist-strap. According to the grapevine, the all new handset is second smartphone from Google and is expected to be named as the Nexu One.

All mentioned above about the handset may be true as the Nexus One lacked a hardware QWERTY keyboard and if Google is planning to bring in a device with the same lacking feature, then it’s a great idea shows it doesn’t want to step behind what ever the critics are saying about the Nexus one.

At present, there is not much to talk about except the truth that the handset will run on the Google Android, more than 3.5 touchscreen and definitely a QWERTY keyboard that the mobile buffs could not find in the earlier version.

However, it is also being rumored that the Motorola Shadow could come as Moto-Google Combo.

Well, what can smell here is the result of glitches found in the earlier Google Nexus One, because of which it could not beat the iPhone and was taken iron handedly by the critics of tech-world. So, the truth will come out as more is surfaced about the phone and when it will come in the market.


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