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Google Working On Voice Translation for Phones

By on February 24, 2010

When you travel around in the world, it gets very difficult to learn the local language of that particular state or country. In this case you either hire a translator or carry a dictionary along with you in different countries. But what if you don’t have any of these that will help you everywhere? Google will solve this problem now.

Google is working On Voice Translation on your mobile phones. So now you will be able to carry your phone and understand a particular language with the help of your phone. Google has developed a technology which will allow speech commands for mobile phones supported by Google. Computerized language translation will facilitate the user to speak in native language of the particular place and then speech will be transformed according to language you select using machine generated voice so that you can understand. This software will work as a professional analyst which will analyze the verbal communication in sections and then translate the meaning.

Google says that because of the advanced technology the mobile phone will theoretically adapt to the voice and language of the individual. This will be a universal translator that will assist anywhere and anyone in the world. This advance technology of Voice Translation will also remove the language hurdle which is a great drift between different parts of the world. World will come closer with this

This voice to voice translation will be beneficial for you to call anyone in the world. There is need to know the language that the other person knows. You have to talk in your own language and the mobile phone will interpret the meaning to the person whom you are talking to in his or her local language. This will boost the tourism sector. Targeting the mobile phones is another good job Google has done so that carrying a small device like your mobile phone will be easy. These days having a mobile phone are the primary nee of an individual. And as it is used continuously, it will easily adapt your voice, accent, language and transcription will be quick.

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