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HTC Reverse Attack – Throws Patent Lawsuit at Apple

By on May 24, 2010

Patent lawsuit battle between Apple and HTC is interesting to watch. Previously, Apple wasn’t much in news and just Microsoft used to be in the limelight. However, now time has changed.

Apple has been in corporate legal battles with a number of big names such as: Adobe and Google. Its legal battles, with Google, are becoming stronger day by day. Presently, Apple has locked itself in legal battle with HTC.

First, Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for violation of patent and then HTC, after a very few months, also filed a law suit against Apple for patent violation. HTC has listed about five HTC patents, which Apple is alleged to be using in its products, but not paying any royalty.

HTC has filed the lawsuit with the (US) International Trade Commission (ITC). In the lawsuit, HTC has been asking for an instant end by Apple to the import and sale of iPad, iPhone and iPod devices in the USA. Taking into account the contents of the lawsuit, it can be inferred that patent violation has occurred in the usage of Operating System (OS).

Jason Mackenzie, Vice President of North America, HTC Corporation, says that HTC is the original innovator of the Windows Mobile PocketPC Phone Edition in 2002 and the first Android smartphone in 2008. All the players of electronic industry should follow the principles of healthy competition. They should innovate and offer the consumers easy-to-use mobile devices. HTC has filed lawsuit against Apple in order to protect its customers, its industry partners and also the intellectual property that HTC owns.

The specific details of this case were not available. More about this will come out in the upcoming days as both Apple and HTC are equally determined to proceed against each other, legally. Now, let’s see if HTC succeeds in stopping the import and sale of Apple’s popular electronic devices through the court of law, or not. Well, the legal battle, among the tech-giants, is not new; earlier also there have been many companies that were found to be fighting over the issue of patent violation. Let’s hope the battle doesn’t go so long!

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