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i2iGear i2i Stream reviews – an excellent total wireless audio solution

By on March 20, 2009

i2igeari2istreamThe i2i Stream aims to offer you a total wireless audio solution for any kind of your players and audio equipment. The device is shipped with a couple of transmitter/receiver units. Each of these units is of the size of a matchbox. The units comprise of all the relevant cables and also a lanyard and a belt clip. You can connect one of the units to any audio player with the help of a 3.5mm headphones port. This means that you can connect almost anything to the device that gives music like mobile phones, CD players, MP3 players, your computer, your home stereo etc. You can then plug a regular pair of headphones onto the top of this unit. This device also acts as a pass-through device that ensures there is no interference when it is switched off.

Let us now talk about the second unit. The second unit that also can be used with a regular pair of headphones is capable of receiving the audio signal wirelessly. The unit receives the wireless signal from the transmitting device and ensures that some other second person can also enjoy the same music with the same feel and comfort. This is really the fun part of the device. You will find the system extremely user friendly and easy to set up and manage. The controls on the system include an on/off switch, a volume flick-switch, a pair of buttons for the ‘transmit-receive’ options, buttons to connect to a signal, and a ‘channel button’. This special channel button is capable of switching between seven available channels.

The device offers you a decent radius of 30 feet. The seven channels on the device are colour-coded so that you easily know if they are set to the same frequency before connection. The system also lets you to plug your home stereo system’s auxiliary port into one unit and your music player to the other unit. This means that you get a lot of freedom with respect to your music options. The performance of the i2i Stream is brilliant. With exception to the little less pronounced bass, the device offers great sound quality. The device maintains its quality for most of its 30 feet range. The i2iGear, i2i Stream is available at a price of £68.51. Overall, it is worth going for.

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