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iDesign Song View won’t let you stuck again

By on January 7, 2009

Did you ever experience such moments when you heard a song, and weren’t able to know who the artist was. You knew it was on the tip of your tongue; still you could not get to it. If yes, then don’t get surprised as it happens with all of us sooner or later. This is such an odd state that we have to exercise our mind more and more, just to know the name of the artist. It even happens for those songs that we have on our own iPod, they have been here for so long that we have forgotten all about them.

As its reviews, the iDesign Song View is crafted considering just this kind of experiences. The latest product claims to offer you all the required information on your favorite songs so that you aren’t caught yet again in the bizarre situation. It scrolls out artist name, song, album, and even the type in sports display format in order that you have not to dash to your iPod docking station ever again to know who is playing that song. The iDesign Song View has this excellent scrolling view for all of your music, and acts as an alarm clock & a docking station as well.

As the features, the beauty of iDesign Song View is that you can control your tunes from any corner the room, and let go the songs you just don’t want to listen to. Besides, you can connect it to spare audio players or speakers such as a CD system or MP3 player to take advantage of your music as you are listening to it go.

It comes with a 1.3” scrolling display, which claims to show all of the info. Plus, you are allowed to control both the brightness and speed of your display, in order that your score-board type display goes as slow or as fast as you want it to. The alarm clock facet offers a 99 minute programmable sleep setting and you can get up to either your alarm buzzer or iPod. All this comes by just paying $99 bucks, a quite sweet deal in fact!

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