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iLuv iMM190 App Station dock

By on March 26, 2010

Iluv has launched a speaker dock to be used with iPod and iPhone and the device really works. It is good news for iPod and iPhone fans, now they can have more fun with their devices. ILuv iMM190 APP Station is now available for consumers in all the big stores and the hyper markets. Customers can buy it online as well. It will add value to your iPod and iPhone and will give you the user experience like never before.

This product from iLuv can become an alarm clock as it features an app called “iLuv App Clock”. It will have a large display and will be able to tell whether condition as well. This app can be downloaded anywhere in the world through iTunes App Store. This App will also have access to the user’s whole iTunes library and will be able to play any music file on demand. Any file can be placed as alarm tune through this app.

This multimedia dock has speakers and amplifiers as well which will enhance the audio experience. They will also give good sound experience while watching movies or on voice calls. All these function make it a perfect accessory for iPhone. Before the introduction of this product lot of users used mobile device to use as alarm clock but this app has eliminated the problem.

This product has several other features as well. IPod and iPhone can be attached to it in horizontal or vertical positioning to watch movies and video songs or anything you want to play from you iPod or iPhone. You will not have to remove your device from the dock while charging to use it, because it can charge both iPod and iPhone while they are docked.

Frequent updates will be available consistently to improve this App and make it more versatile and updates will easily downloadable from the iTunes App Store. It has an auxiliary input line which will allow you to connect other audio devices as well. iMM190 App Station is a practical device of daily use. It is affordable and could be fun to use if you are an iPod or iPhone fan.

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