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Infoaxe records your browsing sessions, lets you search your web history

By on November 18, 2008

Infoaxe has emerged from stealth mode with (yet another) alternative social bookmarking tool and search engine , cracking down on indexing your own browsing history instead of the whole web or what you proactively point to is essential to keep in mind for later.

Installing the infoaxe toolbar, compatible with Firefox and IE, essentially lets you ‘record’ public web browsing sessions by clicking the mouse on once, after which you are allowed to sort through their individual history from the infoaxe website or the toolbar itself. Plus, the tool creates other search results founded on your ‘web memory’ next to what you stumble upon on the web utilizing standard search engines.

Infoaxe, alongside the twist on search, also lets you share and tag web pages, basically vying openly against ma.gnolia , delicious , and further social bookmarking services. In time, the company has also thought of functioning as a discovery engine by providing personalized recommendations founded on your web history.

Besides, the infoaxe is also integrated with one more striking feature known as ‘Pivot, ‘ which allows you to search your web history anchored in a definite timeframe. For example, when I want to research a company and its rivals for a Technotalks review, Pivot will let me have an overview of all the pages visited by me when I started the research. Presently in alpha stage, Infoaxe was created by Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth

WebMynd also comes with a parallel approach for envisaging your web history, but it is somewhat limited as it is just compatible with Firefox, and is not consisted with the same social sharing characteristics plus is not as handy as Infoaxe is as they don’t need their users to log in.

Honestly, I don’t think someone is actually awaiting something akin to infoaxe. For myself, I get increased value in doing search in my delicious bookmarks as they include all the web pages I felt were really worth bookmarking rather than every random website ever visited by me.

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