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iPhone gets adorned with Bandshell case

By on January 12, 2010

The iPhone has received an exclusive and elegant case courtesy Bandshell. Built-in with a stand, the newest case augments the functionality of the phone with a retractable sound door. Recently unveiled at the CES, 2010, the stylish case gets changed while the patent-pending sound door slides from the back as a result; the acoustics of the internal speaker of iPhone is improved.

Besides, the flat side of the Bandshell helps the iPhone position on its own. This ensures a trouble-free widescreen view of videos, album covers and applications. The case allows an appropriate way to do conference calling as users cannot only propel voices, but they can also use it hands-free. Plus, it can also be used to record audio as its rare design lets capture sound in a good manner.

The iPhone, through this case, remains fully protected against the bumps, handling and falls. Thanks to the strong building and two clasps attribute, whereby it is made highly durable and long-lasting. The case, when on phone, also allows the use of syncing/power.

If iPhone users want to customize their phone case, they can easily do it with the mixing and matching of the Bandshell’s front, back and retractable door, as per their wants. The all case comes in 12 colors. Consumers, to craft a multi-colored case, can also exchange door colors or case pieces among friends.

Each case from Bandshell is priced around $19.99 till February 15, 2009. Besides, users can also avail it from bandshellcase.com. As we all know that, the iPhone has already been embedded with a lot of accessories and applications, and the coming of this brand new case from Bandshell won’t have any effect over those who have recently given their hearts to the Google Nexus One, but it still, the iPhone is iPhone that even now has hold over the masses.

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