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Iriver and LG Display to Work Together on eBook Readers

By on July 1, 2010

Iriver was in the news some years ago for introducing some compact, attractive and extremely portable video and music players.

It was expected that those players would take over the ipod, but it remained a dream. It could not go beyond Asia and Europe.

Over the past few months, however, Iriver seems to have changed the direction of production. It is now back with a bang, having signed a prolific deal with LG Display. This partnership is materialized to establish L&I Electronic Technology Ltd., a joint venture of LG and Iriver to be established in China. This firm will manufacture eBook readers, a growing need among all and sundry.

Whereas Iriver will have 49% of the share, LG will have 51% of the share in the joint venture. The joint venture is worth 5 million dollars. L&I Electronic Technology will focus on OEM and ODM systems so as to develop e-books and also deliver production services.

Product design, technical assistance and e-book technology comprising of design and platform development will be the core areas of function of Iriver. LG Display will take care of the supply chain and will make it stable.

This will be best done by LG Display as it has a wide global sales network. World-class production skills of LG also will prove to be very beneficial to the stable supply of e-book displays, for example: electronic paper display.

As CEO of Iriver, Jae Woo observes that the joint venture would lay the foundation for a competitive and stable manufacturing line. If both the companies work in sync with each other then L&I Electronic Technology will come out as the sole name in production business and e-book development.

It seems that LG Display joined hands with Iriver to provide customers better & competitive products. It is a part of the upstream-downstream business strategy of LG. Besides, LG Display will soon reach the no.1 position in the production of flexible and color EPDs by employing its advanced EPD technologies. This is expected by 2012.

Let’s hope the plans of LG Display and Iriver materialize so that we could lay our hands on the best-of-the-breed products.

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