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iRiver Story does what Kindle cannot!

By on January 13, 2010

Recently I had a chance to review the iRiver Story which, though looks a lot like Amazon Kindle, but isn’t. The company has paid special heed to the design of the iRiver Story and has invested a lot in the marketing & packaging of the iRiver Story.

But still, it is not the Amazon Kindle as its build quality is so so and doesn’t let you have the feel of Kindle. Yet, the device does not feel cheap and grabs your attention with some of its glaring features.

The built-in keyboard, though, does impresses you with its functionality, not like Kindle. It also comes built-in with Vizplex E-Ink screen which incorporates 8 levels of greyscale, which are quite like the Sony Touch & Pocket / Bebook, and offers 800×600 resolution.

The Kindle has a better 16 greyscale screen; but the two claim to proffer quite pleasing reading experience.

It has an intuitive user interface. The keypad can be used to steer across the menus, while the side buttons make it fully functional for both the right and left handed users.

The Kindle confines the e-book formats to its own PDF ebook and amazon.com, but the iRiver Story boasts of being attuned with a large range of e-book formats: such as EPUB, TXT and PDF keeps the key formats covered for commercial e-books, whereas the Story shows office files, such as DOC, XLS & PPT, for graphic and comic novels, BMP, GIF and JPEG image. Thus, you can read business docs while on the move and you don’t have to carry along a laptop as well.

Besides, you can read all sort of books while traveling. The internal storage of 2GB, with an external SD card, can gobble up to hundreds of books.

The device also comes with some additional features that you don’t find in other e-books, such as the memo facility, diary, the voice recorder and the integrated speaker. All these extra features are very useful, but of no use, mean they will hardly be used ever by any.

Price tagged around £229, the iRiver e-book reader, though stands in line with many 6? e-book readers in the United Kingdom, but is costlier than all the rage Amazon Kindle.

On the whole, the iRiver is good if you want to upload any kind of e-book format, or docs that Kindle isn’t capable of.


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