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Lenovo G560 Core i3 notebook

By on February 4, 2010

Lenovo has announced the availability of a new notebook model, known as G560. The all new G560 model comes in an updated look and enhanced technology, and customers who are craving to lay their hands on it can now order.

On the configuration front, the latest widescreen notebook is said to come integrated with   a 15.6-inch HD LED backlit display that offers 1366-by-768 pixels maximum resolution.

Driven by an Intel Core i3-330M (around Core i5 central processing unit (CPU) counting 2.13GHz core speed and cache of around 3MB, the Lenovo G560 Core i3 notebook brags of housing DDR3 internal memory of about 4GB (about 8GB) and mechanical hard drive of around 320GB (almost 500GB) that gets rotated at 5400RPM. The latest Lenovo G560 Core i3, besides featuring a DVD Burner and an Intel HD graphics controller, provides an amazing user experience.

As far as its connectivity features are concerned, the new Lenovo G560 comes integrated with Wireless connectivity, eSATA and USB combo port, an HDMI interface, an Express card slots and a card-reader. The G560 is also built-in with a 2.0MP web camera which is said to allow video calling and is featured with an Ethernet jack and VGA port.

Apart from that the latest “Essential Laptops” G series device from Lenovo is compatible with copy of Microsoft’s Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, this copy comes pre-installed with the device. Additionally featuring a numeric pad and a 6-cell Li-ion battery, the new device comes with the introductory price tag of around US $849 and for directly ordering it at Lenovo’s online store, costumers will have shell out US $799, while pre-configured G560 is available to grapple at US $849.

So, looking at the specs sheet of the device, it is said that the device is not only feature packed but also leave the costumers surprised with the price tag attached with it.

GD Star Rating

  • RkM

    What a bad laptop (touch pad)..
    I paid 15% restock charges to get rid of this bad laptop..
    Lenovo admits that there have been complaints about this laptop and they are nothing.
    Never in life, I will buy Lenovo again !

  • Pradip

    You are a bad guy. You are working on behalf of any competitor of Lenovo. Lenovo G560 is one of the finest Laptop in the world with this kind of price range.

  • Tim E

    What a disgrace – the touch pad and mouse click functions are intermittent functions!
    They work every 3rd or 4th click ! then the pointer freezes.

    DO NOT BUY !

  • shahid

    hi guys,
    lenovo g series laptop iz very bad it’s touch pad iz not working..
    and graphic is also very poor

  • k.Cliff

    g560 is awsome ..

  • DSG

    Hi PPL,

    My Lenovo G560 Is giving me lot of trouble. Do not buy this, if I’m unable to repair I’ll post again then you can confirm the issue.


  • Kishore Tholana

    My personal experience with g560 was good. As every body point outs on the single issue i.e. touch pad. yes it’s true that bit problem in clicking on the objective and every time it works only 3rd or 4th click. But rest of all features were quite good. Good battery backup and the clarity along with the performance = g560. I believe its price worthy like any other in this range.

  • Kishore Tholana

    Special feature on this lappy is num pad just like the desktop. and the responsiveness of the keys were pretty impressive.

  • Barbara

    Okay, so the touchpad s…ks and I have to use an external mouse. I can live without that, but now the right usb port has broken as well. I’ve only had two months – junk!

  • Ashish Kumar Singh

    Sir, I am Ashish. I buy lenovo g560 laptop in 28 july 2010.
    Sir,i seen lots of problem in my laptop.Lots Of keys/bottons are not work properlly.Like f4,f11,f10 and touch pad.And now a days it creates a big trouble to me.Now the fan of laptop is doing so much sound after doing starting the laptop.Sir,Kindly reply me as soon as possible.


    Oh, I didn’t see these postings before I put in my shopping basket. I bought last month.Any way so far I could see that it is worth for its price.I am satisfied if it is going on as it is today.

  • Harshy

    Please someone help me about new Thinkpad G560.I am thinking to buy soon My T60 is giving me lot of trouble specially gets HOT ofton & shuts down.

  • Kiff

    K.Cliff, what do you think now that you’ve had the G560 for 2 or 3 months? Would you buy the same laptop again if you had the chance?

  • Seju Nilesh

    Lenovo g560 Is a best Laptops Very Nice

  • mike

    i got this laptop last dec 17 only, it was the 2nd laptop the my father gave it to me, the 1st one is asus, and its was stolen when we are sleeping… now i got this lenovo g560 i3. so far, i dont have any problem. good n games, good in movies… just take care of it… and it will last… marry Christmas!

  • Adarsha

    I was searching for a good lappy to lay my hands on. One of my friends recommended this G560, but I am convinced that this is not a good bargain for me. Thanks to all for the honest feedbacks. You saved me my money.

  • jessica

    I purchased this laptop new on sale for 399. What a deal for all that it comes with. I am happy it has a number pad and they have fixed the touchpad issues by adding click buttons below it. The graphics are pretty good and the sound isn’t bad.

  • shubham

    lenovo G560is the best laptop .I ever used .

    u guy’s should read the user guide for the touchpad . it’s working great .And the graphic are also great . For this range of price .

  • LoriJ

    We picked up ours at $499 and it’s awesome! I have yet to have a laptop that didn’t have touchpad issues (overly sensitive or otherwise) and am a fan of the external mouse anyway. So far this thing ROCKS and I’m impressed with it’s speed. If I have one complaint, it’s the battery life. It doesn’t last more than 3 or so hours. I have been told tho to play with the energy savings to get more life out of the battery. So far, great machine for the money I paid for it!

  • Yogi

    It Shutsdowns suddenly and I am not able to start for atleast half an hour. even after then also if I used long hard disk accessed programs it automatically shuts down suddenly. I purchased G560 in month of Aug 2010. I got this problem October 2010 onwards. So friends don’t go to this model until you have studied about this problem. still i am finding the situation when it is happening even to explain service professional. So please don’t until you had enough study.

  • maddy

    i believe you have to compromise some where when you are looking to buy some thing for this price. you cant get a BMW for 8 lakhs.. where as u can get an indian car for pretty decent features.!! same hold true for this laptop. In this segments its the cheapest and the best if you handle with care.

  • raunak

    lenovo laptop is the bad exp in my life

  • mohamed sobhy

    Lenovo G-560 is agood touch pad only for gentle guys ….
    Go on lenovo

  • puneet

    the best ever laptop company in this world is DELL, very nice services, even it’s warranty covers physical damages also.. DELL is really awesome… i’m lovin it..