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LG Ice Cream Phone 2 is a cool and flamboyant iconic phone

By on December 26, 2008

Developing gadgets for a niche market is nothing but a chancy business. Get it right and you come onto a cash-cow. Get it wrong and the rest of the market makes fun of you for bringing about such a piece of cack. Have a look at the LG-LU1600 – Ice Cream Phone 2, which has specifically been crafted for Japanese schoolgirls. The winter is the best time for the successor to the Ice Cream phone.

For your knowledge, let me tell you, the Ice Cream Phone 1 was rolled out in March this year and now time for yet another part of brilliant LG Mobile phones. Granted, Japanese schoolgirls and their wannabe’s (of course, there are girls who are aspirant of Japanese schoolgirls, are a rather big and money-spinning market but the LG-LU1600 – Ice Cream Phone 2 has nothing more knotty to offer except for being a clamshell design that flashes attractive colors when it rings. It’s just a missing feature away from being a toy.

Aside from the nice-looking colors, such as sky blue, snow white and peach pink, the LG-LU1600 – Ice Cream Phone 2 features EVDO Revision A mobile broadband and, there is nothing the LG-LU1600 – Ice Cream Phone 2 provide to anyone else but for its target market. LG better hope they are over the Ice Cream Phone 1 then. The LG-LU1600 – Ice Cream Phone 2 can be availed through LG Telecom now if you truly wish for it.

On the whole, I am not at all certain why LG’s LG1600 has coined the Ice Cream Phone 2; however it undoubtedly is not joking around with the connection. Heck, it even place a seemingly bogus cone of mint chocolate chip in the hands of the gal.

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  • CK

    But this phone came out in South Korea. So your Japanese schoolgirl references are unfounded.