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LG’s in-cell multi touch laptop

By on March 2, 2010

No sooner did you think that touch screen laptops couldn’t get more techno-savvy, in-cell multi touch laptops of LG have brought a revolution in the touch screen laptop category. LG has managed to do what no brand has managed so far. As the review, it is the first brand to procure the certification of the Windows 7 touch logo on a laptop.

The terminology “Multi touch” is Apple Inc trademark. Multi touch display screens are way ahead of touch screen display screens and can be operated using just two fingers. Finger touch can convey the commands of the user from the display screen to the laptop and these multi touch screens are designed in such a fashion that the background of the icon is illuminated when touched by the fingertips.

This lighting up of the icon sends the data signals to the software installed in the laptop. When the software receives the signal from the finger touch, it does the data processing and takes the required action. These screens are extremely user-friendly and are comfortable to operate.

With its in-cell multi touch laptop LG has upgraded the technology used in a touch screen laptop earlier. As the features, Ordinarily touch screen laptops have a layer on top of the display screen. Display quality and the brightness of the picture are affected by this method.

The layer used on top of the display screen in other laptops causes the screen to reflect images when used outdoors. LG has in-built sensors with the multi touch display screen. This helps in having a less bulky display screen and the LCD panel is able to retain its brightness and picture quality. As a result it offers the advantages of a multi touch display screen with crystal clear picture quality.

The technology used in the top layer of multi touch display screens prevents reflections on the screen when used outdoors. The 13.3 inch wide touch screen gives the laptop a very sleek and chic look. LG plans to start large scale production in the latter half of this year. With this new gadget LG is all set to give tough competition in the market.

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