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LG Slides the Covers off LG Mystique Phone

By on April 26, 2010

Well friends, if you think that LG is dog-tired after introducing various latest and greatest and gasping to make a go again, then think again as the leading tech-giant knows that if it goes out of sight even for a second, minute, hour, day, week or month, it will have to trod the trodden path of the success and could lose a lot of its proceedings. That’s why in view of all these facts, the company has now decided to hit the selves with its latest phone that is christened as the LG Mystique phone.

The latest LG Mystique phone, according to the grapevine, is also reported to come built-in with a 2mp camera accompanied by the capability of video capture. Though, the phone is also touted to resemble a lot with a brand-new version of the QWERTY flip Lotus Elite found in Sprint, and even its glaring specks also match with the very same Lotus Elite, its some of the features are quite different from which it is being compared i.e.; Lotus Elite.

As the review, the brand-new mobile phone also comes built-in with stereo speakers as well as Bluetooth. Moreover, the device is also alleged to come crammed with microSD cards, which can be expanded for additional 16GB. The LG Mystique phone also brags of touch controls, which proves to be of high use for the in-built music player on the phone.

Though the phone has got a lot more to boast from its arsenal, but still the device also has got two altered attributes; that is; latest touchscreen attribute and the user interface.

The all-new LG Mystique is reported to have been made available to grapple right from today with the price tag of around $80 after rebate with a new agreement.

As it is known to all the mobile buffs out there that LG is on a roll these days and has got new and advanced products to its costumers. Earlier also, the company has come up with a variety of mobile handsets, and all those have or are ready to make a niche in market.

In this way, the magic of LG SU420 a.k.a. Café Phone has not subsided so far, the LG Mystique is ready to bite the feast in the mobile world.

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  • Skylar

    I got this phone from u.s celluar and had it about 6 monthes ago and i am not the best of taking care of phone, but if you need a phone that wont brake when it falls down the stairs and into snow then this phone is great. The full keyboard i would give it 6.5 out of a ten becasue the letters fade easily after time and the letters are to close and i always type the wrong thing. i gove the external touch screen a 8 becasue you cant really do much with it rather than call people, view mutimeida and take pictures etc. THe camera is not the best, i had trouble zooming and the qulity is a okay. i would give the multimedia a 7.2. I love how when somone text you it shows up in chat room. it is very easy to tell what ur conversation was. If you need a very small phone, i wouldnt say it was. its short and fat in my view. Battery life is outstanding. Like it last almost 2 weeks, and i text nonstop. I like the music app on the touch screen, it is very much like an ipod. It can be very loud which is nice. THe camera is nice becasue when you flip opne the phone it is facing you, and when you flip close the phone it is facing what you see. There is some cool effects on pictures like the mirror affect and streching things. Over all i give this phone a 7.5.