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LG N2B1 NAS – Network Attached Storage

By on February 18, 2010

With the growth of network attached storage (NAS) the hardware makers tried bringing more and more new models into the market. They tried to outdo the competition in the areas like raw storage capacity, reliability and security. LG took a different approach and released NAS which is exceptionally better than other companies with extra capabilities. The N2B1 is LG’s NAS device which has built in Blu-ray re writer.

The LG’s NAS is a two way Linux NAs that can also be communicated with PCs and MAC systems. The LG Network Storage gives a user benefit of playing music files through iTunes and it cam also act as a DLNA multimedia content server which gives user benefit of enjoying the stored movies, photo and music files through the television set.

The design of NAS is 10/100/1000 Ethernet with three USB ports, a multicard reader like SD, MS, xD, MMC and an eSATA port. It has two hard drive bays, which are quite useful. One can even connect a USB printer and use a network printer. N2B1 features a hot swappable hard disk that provides users to remove and replace quickly the drives in case there are any failures while the power in on.

The important aspect for the NAS is the existence of the built in Blu-ray rewriter. This helps in expanding the units’ capacity by 50GB of optical storage and vast amount of data can be stored by this method. It also has Bit Torrent and can easily access remotely via LG’s DDNS service. Thus it is possible for the users to have all data within their reach even while traveling.

The design is much elegant and comes in a white box. N2B1 is made such that it would consume only low amount of power and it hibernates while it is not in use. This helps in saving energy and expands the lifespan of the hard disk. It has very simple set up method and supports Apple time machine. You can get this LG N2B1 with $299.99 for the 500 GB model. This is a very reasonable ask price for the features that are provided.


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