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LG Neon TE365 Phone Available Via Rogers

By on March 12, 2009

Rogers Wireless has announced the availability of the LG Neon TE365 phone in Canada. The latest mobile phone brags of offering a variety of alternatives of communication for users to get connected with family and friends even while on the move.

LG Neon TE365 price

LG Neon TE365 Phone Features

The LG Neon phone comes encompassed with a 2.4 inch touchscreen display for a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and dialing numbers. The phone also boasts of being integrated with a 2 megapixel camera that comes featured with autofocus, flash, 4x digital zoom as well as video recording. In addition, the phone comes featured with Auto-adjust screen recognition that is capable of automatically rotating the screen in portrait or landscape mode.

LG Neon TE365 review

Apart from all that mobile phone also comes built-in with a threaded SMS feature that brags of allowing users to keep an eye on their conversations. Other than this, users are also allowed to send (IM) instant messages through Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

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Last but not the least, the LG Neon mobile phone comes integrated with a FM radio as well as a MP3 player so that users can hear their preferred songs while on the move. The cell phone also boasts of giving support to memory expansion around 4 GB through its MicroSD card slot. It also gives support to MobileMail and Bluetooth.

LG Neon TE365 mobile

The LG Neon phone is likely to be made available in two colors that are grey and pink. The phone comes with the price tag of around $29.99 including a three year agreement.

Though there is nothing so special about the new LG Neon phone except another addition to the company’s mobile phones line-up, it may be a magnet for the mobile users who are on the lookout for mobile phone that has a lot of features and is recession proof at such as reasonable price. However I cannot how long it is going to stay among the already feature packed mobile phones.

GD Star Rating

  • Megan

    I purchased this phone, not even thirty days ago assuming that it would be a quality phone. This is not the case. I never dropped this phone, nor was I rough or hard on it. However, apparently some sort of pressure that was supposedly applied to the screen, caused the entire screen to no longer function. Worse than this, both LG and your mobile provider deem this physical damage and will not replace or fix the phone. The touch screen, compromises the entire function of the phone, since it causes the screen to not be able to handle any sort of pressure. I strongly suggest that you do not invest in this phone, though it may have many interesting features, the quality is extremely poor.

  • Heather

    Well Im trying to hack into my lg neon. Im pissed. I was able to hack into my Lg Shine cell.. took some time but I managed to do it. Was able to put ringtones, wallpapers, text message ringtones and everything. With everything working perfectly!! Now Im having a hard time connecting the lg neon to my computer. (using the same USB cord for my Shine) I used Bitpim to do all of hacking to my shine!! LOL. Was wondering if anyone knows of this and whats the phone port etc??? thanks.,

  • name doesnt matter

    this phone is awesome!!! but for some reason, my msn (instant messaging) wont connect to the network. keeps saying cannot connect to network or something like that. ive had it for 3 days now! but otherwise this phone is awesome. im going to call them and ask for help. but its fine otherwise. and for the usb u cna call them and they will send it for free!

  • Desi

    well heather i have bine able to get ringtones and all that stuff quick and free at ca.dada.{net} u shood try it

  • jimmy

    Mine broke after a couple of weeks!! what a shame. LG’s done it again. This phone looks nice but will fail you eventually I can guarantee it!

  • Johnny

    It sounds like a good phone but please do not buy it unless you know for sure you can get the headphones for this product. I went to Best buy, Future Shop, Sources and few other places and noone sells headphones for this model. Rogers was no help. Apparently, it is not their responsibility to get you the headphones and the customer should complain to LG. LG was of no help either. I do not know why Rogers sells something that they cannot promote.

  • Jessy

    I just got my phone and i do not no how to put music on the mp3 player part ? help please ?

  • Jesse

    I bought this phone, I’ve dropped it a couple of time accidentally, I’ve had it for about 4 weeks it still works fine, I have the headset it came with the phone, with Fido, I love the features and all, the only thing I hate bought this phone is the damn touch screen, I wish someone could hack it if possible.. ;D

  • kate

    Hey all
    I’ve had this phone for like a day…so far I love everything about it…the one exception though has been bugging me all friggin day!!! I got my email all set up on it, worked great, and my email address has an underscore (_) in it, so i go to set up my MSN on my phone only to find that there is no underscore option in the symbols list…like at all. WTF??? am i just not seeing it? someone helppppp

  • Dan

    How do I set up my email? it asks me for the server passwords and stuff witch I do not understand please someone help me… thank you

  • Jessica

    I love this phone, personally. The only thing wrong is it does not have any way to hack into it. Also, i dropped it and the vibration no longer works. And even though somewhere i seen that this phone has flash, mine does not..?

  • Sharon

    okay.. so i really like the look of this phone but i keep hearing about the screen cracking..im planning on buying it on fido and getting a 2 year agreement.. please tell me if you have faced any problems with your screen or if fido doest fix specific problems ..thanks xx

  • Jesse

    I personally think the screens fine, but I may have gotten lucky with a good phone. But either way, it should be fine, I’ve had it for nearly two months, dropped it like 7 times, and it still works wonderful! =D

  • Baba

    I bought this phone 4 weeks ago as an upgrade for the qwerty screen for my daughter. We were sitting on the couch the phone vibrated with an incoming call and the screen cracked. fido says it is outside damage and will not cover this. the fido bill with this phone upgrade is not even paid for yet and the phone is useless. do not buy it.

  • sam sims

    I have read and read these coments. i was thinking of getting my son this phone for christmas. most say i should not buy the phone. my next guess would be the samsung impression. similar to the LG xenon. it is cheaper and in my oppinion better. so should i get the LG neon or not

  • http://soewatexist.com Dave

    had it for 2 weeks within 3 days it started to freeze on me n the back light for keyboard stop working never dropped it barely used it its very flimsy wen i first took it out the box and slide out the keyboard it sounded very cheap the plastic was rubbing together its a piece of junk, wont last u long, very bad quality if you are paying for it with a plan its not worth it, if its free ok.

  • Rebecca

    So, I’ve had this phone since September and it had worked fine until November. I loved this phone (except for the slow start-up), then one day I slid it open to start to text, typed 1 letter and it shut off. I restarted it and the same thing happened. It is so frustrating! And it keeps happening to this day. Sometimes I’ve wrote a whole page, then while it’s sending, midway it will shut off. Also, I will put the phone in my pocket, then take it out a couple of hours later to see if I have any messages, it will be off. It bugs me SOOOO much!!

  • graeme

    you get what u pay 4,if you want something good then buy a blackberry.my neon has had no problems what so ever.

  • Sydney

    i bought the LG neon, it was in my pocket for too long i guess, i took it out and then my screen went black with colourful stripes ..?

  • http://www.yourmom.com Magen.

    I have had this phone and i reallly do love it it is really cool but You would have to test it your self and yeah so i wouldent be liseting to theese people i traded my “Pantech Matrix” for my “Lg Noen” and it has been perfect so far yeah you do have to take really good care of it and other than that you should be perfect enjoy.(:(:

  • cntrygrl213

    I have had this phone for almost a month now and i love it! i was skeptical about it as i am with any new phone. However, the fact that my niece and nephew also have one helped w/my decision alot. They are 14 and 13, i figured if it could survive his roughness and her millions of texts and photos i should be ok. I’ve not had any problems w/mine at all. they say they haven’t either.
    thanks in advance!

  • Jesse

    Go into the inbox and click options and click on threaded view in the little option box that pops up. Hope that helped.

  • cntrygrl213

    thank you very much!!! it worked!!! i looked for HOURS, literally!!!! looked thru all the owner’s manuals i could find online and here at home…NOTHING!!! Me and my previously hurting head THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! :) much happier w/it now, dunno why, but i like it better this way!!! :)

  • Noob

    first, you gotta have a micro SD card. you transfer the music from the computer into the card. you must make sure that the music is inside a folder. then you put the card into the phone Micro SD slot. some of the music files would be in the MP3 or not. you can still the music that are not in the MP3 by going to the external memory via Media and open the folder where you put all of the music in the SD card.

  • Kayla

    Hey, guys!
    Ok, so I’m thinking of getting this phone as a replacement until I’m eligible for an upgrade in October. All my phones so far have been Sony Ericsson models and I’ve decided not to get another from them as each one has needed a replacement due to problems with the phone. I’m thinking of getting it as a Go-Phone so that I don’t have to get a contract and I can just upgrade to the Pantech Impact when I’m eligible.

    I’ve read nearly every comment here and a few reviews from different sites, and I’ve found mixed opinions on the quality of the phone. So I was wondering if I should get the phone just as a short replacement until October. It’s sort of my only option, anyway, since there aren’t that many other nice looking Go-Phones. Also, I have unlimited text, so I’ll use the phone mostly for that, which is why I’m looking at this one – it has a QWERTY keyboard. I’m thinking of buying it this coming weekend. Is it worth the money??
    Thanks! :)

  • our budd

    I bought this LG NEON TE365 cell phone from Fido last year in 2009. At the time, it was around $175.00 CDN and it was working fine until 2 weeks ago. The #7 on the touchscreen would no longer work so I took it to Fido to get it fixed because it was still under warranty. I got the phone back today and the Fido rep made sure the phone was in good working order. So I put it in my jacket pocket and took it home. I was upset when I noticed a huge crack in the left hand corner of the phone’s touchscreen when I took the phone back out of my pocket! It was nasty and completely unexpected. The phone will still power up though and you could still see most of the screen but now a tiny portion of the screen is cracked and it looks ugly. I was thinking of taking my phone back to get it repaired but now, I won’t bother. Fido/LG would think I smashed my phone, which I swear I did not, then refuse to repair my phone. This LG TE365 should be recalled because of its fragile touchscreen. In other words, do not buy this phone!

  • Dan

    i had this phone for a while and i hated it. It got annoying the way it slided to the left and i also didnt enjoy the fact you could only use the touchscreen to dial a number. Plus it broke 1 month after i bought it!!!!! i just bought a verizon intensity for 50.00 and it is way better than this crap for 80

  • Jordi

    i had the LG Neon for longer than a year now and it has had some clitches, but it is also a very good phone, I also have twin boys at home and they play with it and throw it around and chew on it, but it still works fine. A few problems i had with the pink model was sometimes i would text and the phone would turn right off, and also sending long messages takes too long, and also it just takes too long to power on. :D i hope this was helpful, so in the future rogers can make better phones. :)

  • elag

    The problem you discribe is caused by firmware. Take it back to your provider for a firmware update.

  • KnowItAll

    I HATE THIS PHONE & THE COMPANY THAT MADE IT! Harder to transfer files phone PC since LG decided on proprietary USB connection but no USB cable. Flimsy construction. Bad company website. Worse customer support. No more LG phones for me, and I will extend that to maligning their products in general whenever I have the opportunity.

  • Gabe

    I’ve had the LG neon TE365 for approximatly 6 months now.
    From the start, It’s been slow while powering up.

    About half a dozen times, it has asked for a password to unlock my simcard upon power-up. I don’t HAVE a password.
    So I’d have to power it down, and up again to get past that.

    Only recently this week, It has started shutting down while in the middle of typing a text.
    5 times in total. I have found, however, that it is when I am replying to a text- that it does that to me. So when I power it back up, I wait a few min before I reply.

    Also, How come my music files become un-readable, or become unsupported files, when I get a text while using my mp3 player? I have to restart my phone to make them work again.

    I too have had lag of visuals while switching from horizontal to vertical view, and vice versa.

    When using the touch screen, does anyone else’s 4 not make the little jingle sound when pressed?

    And, I’ve also noticed when I call someone, a lot of the time I don’t hear it ring. It’s silence, then someone on the other end going ” hello?! HELLO!?! ”

    Does LG or Fido fix any of that?