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LG VX5500 Review – Verizon Wireless

By on November 24, 2008

Now a day, the mobile world is buzzing with the new 3G mobile devices. But lot of people still wants basic mobile phone with few extra features, like camera and Bluetooth. The LG VX5500 is not among the advanced mobile by any means but it offers you basic features with decent performance. The VX5500 is priced at just $49.99 with 2-year service.


The VX5500 measures 3.56×1.84×0.73 inches with a rectangular shape. It feels quite lightweight, weighing just 3.05 ounces. Its 1.04-inch external color screen displays signal strength, battery life, time, date and photo caller ID (if available). The VX5500 has a camera lens on the front on the top of external display.

The internal screen has a 1.76- inch display and looks better than the screen of an average basic phone. The images look pretty sharp and bright with vibrant colors.


The VX5500 Cell phone has space for 1000 phonebook entries, while each entry can have five numbers with two e-mail addresses and a memo. The VX5500 has all the features of a basic phone like, text and multimedia messaging, a calendar, a notepad, an alarm clock, a stopwatch etc. It also have some advanced features like Bluetooth, voice command, instant messaging, Bluetooth, mobile Web e-mail and GPS which supports Verizon’s services like VZ Navigator.


The image quality of the camera is very disappointing. The images are mostly blurred with lot of artifacts. The colors in the images look overcast and muted. Its VGA camera can take photos with a resolution of 640×280, 320×240 and 160×120. The camera can not be used to shoot videos as VX5500 doesn’t have a camcorder.

The call quality of the device is pretty decent. The callers on both sides hear each other clearly without or very less static interference. But the voice does sound like robotic. The speakerphone calls are not that satisfactory as volume is a bit on low side and caller sound a bit tinny. The LG has rated VX5500’s battery life with 5 hours of talk time and a little more than 18 days of standby time.

In the final analysis, it can be said that with affordable price of just $49.99 VX5500 is a decent basic mobile phone.


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