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LG Xenon Review – An Impressive Touchscreen Handset

By on April 13, 2009

Measuring 2.11 inches wide, 4.16 inches long, 0.62 inch thick, the LG Xenon is a small and compact touch screen handset. The Xenon weighs just 3.81 ounces and it will easily fit your pocket. The handset boasts of a large 2.8-inch touch-screen display, which has native resolution of 240×400 pixels and supports 262,000 colors.

LG Xenon review

To enjoy the texting, the LG Xenon provides you an excellent slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which can be accessed by sliding the phone to the right. The QWERTY keyboard has large and spacious keys and you are less likely make typing errors. You also get a number of dedicated keys on the keyboard. These include a dedicated text message button, mobile e-mail button, emoticon button, a Web browser button, phone book button, @ symbol button, and a .com button.

Just below the 2.8-inch display, you will find the Call and End/Power buttons along with a task manager button, which allows you to switch between applications. The left edge of the handset houses a volume rocker, while the right edge houses a memory card slot, hold/screen lock button, and a dedicated camera button. The top edge of the handset houses the charger jack, while the back houses the camera lens and LED flash.

The LG Xenon offers a great combination of basic and advanced features. The basic features include 500-entry phone book, a vibrate mode, voice command, speakerphone, text messaging, MMS, notepad, calendar, world clock, stopwatch, alarm clock, a calculator, a voice recorder, tasks list, tip calculator, and a unit converter.

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The advanced features include stereo Bluetooth, IM with support for AIM, Yahoo, and Windows Live Messenger, mobile email, and A-GPS. The mobile e-mail supports a number of accounts such as AOL, Windows Live, Yahoo, AT&T Yahoo, BellSouth, Comcast, Earthlink, Juno, Mindspring, and NetZero. However, you can’t use Gmail as the handset doesn’t support POP or IMAP.

The LG Xenon is a 3G/HSDPA handset and it supports AT&T’s broadband services. So, you can enjoy video streaming with AT&T’s Cellular Video, video calls using Video Share, and AT&T Mobile Music, which lets you enjoy XM Radio Mobile and music player. The music player offers all the basic features such as repeat/shuffle mode, create and edit playlists. The Xenon supports all the popular music file formats, which include MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA.

The Xenon boasts of a 2.0-megapixel camera that can capture images in four different resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480, 320×240. The main camera features include night mode, timer, adjustable brightness, flash toggle, and three shutter sounds plus a silent option. The built-in camcorder captures videos in two resolutions: 320×240 and 176×144.

The LG Xenon has a rated battery life of four hours talk time and 11 days in standby time.

GD Star Rating

  • Stacks

    Does anyone know if you can use your music files as ringtones? And whether you can assign individual ringtones and pictures to your contacts? Thanks!

  • 3095623801

    This is such an awesome phone. The only problem that I have been having with it is that whenever I try to take a picture the phone locks p on me!!!!!! Also whwnever I get a call, text, or E-mail I never haer it!

  • Me?

    does anyone know if you have to use the keyboard to text?

  • http://Technotalks.com Megan Raymond

    I am looking into buying this phone and was wondering if it broke easily. I seem to break the LG phones VERY easily. The one I have I dropped 1 TIME and (it is a simple flip-phone) part of the hinge cracked off and clicks or comes off everytime I open it. I want to make sure I get my moneys worth before investing in this. And I drop things alot so is it durable?

  • James Bond

    I was wondering is the LG Xenon good with music. I was thinkin between the LG xenon and the Samsung Eternity.

  • http://google haley

    i was thinking about getting the lg xenon phone and i wanted to know if it has something called threaded texting. its viewing the texting as a conversation so you can see the previous texts that you sent or recieved. i really like having threaded texting on my cell phone. i also wanted to know if the touch screen spazes out a lot and gets messed up. also i wanted to know if it breaks easily because i have a history of dropping and breaking a lot of phones and i wanted to make sure the lg xenon was the phone for me before i bought it. thanks!!!!!

  • http://google haley

    and no you dont have to use the keyboard to text you can also just ue the touchscreen on the front and there will bne the normal number keys like you see on most phones. some people find it very hard to text on a normal touch screen phone so you might find it hard but personally i think its just something you can get used to very easily.

  • brett

    This is a good phone, had mine for 3 weeks, and have dropped a few times. It seems to be pretty durable so far. it does have text threading, and you can assign individual ringtones and pics to contacts. the only problem i have is that it tracks the contacts you have texted most and i have not found a way to be able to clear that yet without doing a master clear.

  • Earl Owens

    The article says you can’t use Gmail, but that’s not true. If you point the phone’s browser to http://m.google.com ypu can download and install the Gmail app to your LG Xenon. It works very well. You can forward your POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts to Gmail and get everything in one account.

  • Dont buy this phone

    Do NOT buy this phone!!!!!!!!! It is so easy to break the touchscreen i broke it in less than 24 hours buy accidently swinging my hand onto my pocket. That is how cheap it is. I would rather pay 100 dollars worth of lottery tickets than waste 100 dollars on this phone.

  • Wesley

    having only “dumb” phones in the past, this is a really nice phone. havent used it a lot for the phone portion, but i have heard good things.

    the external speaker is halfway decent, but with the headphones it sounds much better, especially when you use the equalizer. as long as your mp3s are around 192 kbps, it works great, when you go over that it sometimes locks up or crashes, especially if you use 320kbps mp3s ( which almost all of mine are :( )
    you can use mp3s as a ringtone AS LONG AS: file size is under 300 k, and its no longer than 30s. also if you do, make sure to move these over to phone memory and not on the memory card memory. make sure to use a headset for listening to music.

    only uses the 3gp format, found a good converter that works well with my asian dramas, although due to small screen size sometimes the subtitles are hard to hear. otherwise the picture is sharp and clear. use headset for watching.

    very good for texting. no problems using the keyboard, and i rarely fat-finger the keys even though i have large fingers. although i typically am using my fingernails, i still thoughly enjoy texting on this phone.

    i was able to get google email on my phone, just no app for google talk. but with AIM, i can use that. it will also let you stay logged in while not in the app, so you can do other things while logged in. huge bonus. same with music, you can “minimize” it and it will still be going while doing other things. i really like the memory card on the side, very easy to get to for when i want to add/remove things from it.

    about the only things i dont like is there are no free full games installed, they are all demos, and the issues with playing high quality MP3s over 192 kbps tend to crash sometimes, especially when playing from memory card.

  • http://www.myspace.com/amber716 Amber

    I bought this phone a few days ago, although I was skepitcal because of some of the reviews. But I have to say, I LOVE THIS PHONE. Its soo amazing! Its everything I’ve ever wanted in a phone. and I have larger fingers & the qwerty keyboard is fine for my use.

    The only thing im waiting on is to see if it stops recognizing the keyboard because A LOT of reviews said theirs did.. Im Crossing my fingers that mine wont.

    I say go for the phone if you think you will like it…

    PROS- touch screen, qwerty keyboard, loud ringers (so i can play my music loud), good camera, lightweight, easy to get used to, conversation texting( where its like a conversation in little bubbles w/ that person, sort of like AIM), you can personalize ringers to contacts as well as pics, umm im sure theres more =)

    CONS- reception hasn’t been the greatest..um, thats really the only con i can think of HAHA.


  • Abbie Meyer

    CHEAP PIECE OF JUNK! Broke easily and AT&T wouldn’t replace it because of the type of breakage. Didn’t drop it, didn’t damage it…as far as I can tell it broke because it is a CHEAP PIECE OF JUNK! Keyboard started sticking, then a wire came out from between the phone and the keyboard, then the screen went dark. Had it less than 3 months. Wish I could ditch ATT too, but now I’m hunting for a cheap phone to finish out my contract. This will be my last contract with ATT! They don’t stand behind their stuff.

  • http://idk hannah

    I am lookin for a phone with at&t n i was wonderin how good this phone is? i rlly like it!!! but ive heard some really bad things about this phone !! idk?!?! some body with this phone plz HELP ME OUT!!

  • Ryan

    I think the LG Xenon is a great phone, I can’t say much about durability since I just bought it yesterday and haven’t dropped it and probably never will but other then that… The camera is great with a nice flash ability and it takes clear pictures and videos. The keyboard is very good and keys are spaced out nicely, phone is fairly slim and looks sleek, touchscreen is pretty good, your able to minimize things onto the menu *BONUS*, conversation texting, and it’s fairly fast on the internet. In the end I personally think it’s a great phone.

  • Megan

    my bff has this phone it locks up all the time… it’s not worth the money you pay for it!

  • Ashlyn

    DONT GET THIS PHONE. It has horrible reception. The touch screen freezes up all the time. And, i can’t get any chargers to get connection with mine. The keyboard is a piece of crap.. Horrible phone overall. I have already replaced it 4 times, & I have to trade it again in a few days!

  • brittni

    i was just wanting to know can you set ringtones to text messages? i heard that you can set the phone where it will speak the name of the caller AND it will say the name of the person texting you….how do you do that?

  • Linda O

    I just bought the LG Xenon and want to synch it with the email server at work. My main reason for the phone is to monitor email thru the phone without having to start my laptop when I’m not at work. Will the LG Xenon do that?

  • Noah

    Yes, it will. When you get a new email, it will sound the text message alert sound and have a little popup that says “New email has arrived. Launch?” . I you click the Launch button, it will launch the email app. Hope that was helpful.

  • Karissa

    People should take care of their phone instead of breaking it and telling people not to buy it. But some people say it freezes and stuff like that. I am so confused and I really want to buy this phone.

  • Barry

    Do not buy this phone its a cheap piece of junk.I didnt have mine a week and the screen on it broke.You can see everything on it just when you try to do somethin it wont move.

  • http://yahoo.com Callie

    I am getting this phone on christmas and i am really skeptical i have the pantech matrix should i switch phones?

  • Jules

    I have this phone, but I was wondering if someone could help me with something. Is there a way to set an alert for when you recieve an IM? Everything else works, the phone vibrates for calls and texts, but it’s silent for IM’s. Any way to change that?

  • http://gmail chrissa

    this phone is awesome but sometimes the sound messes up best bet if your looking for a new phone

  • Tim Barnum

    Badly designed touch screen BREAKS EASILY \. Search google for LG Xenon screen problems. There are many many people whose Xenon screens have gone bad. Mine lasted 27 days. Screen is totally unreadable. Nice phone otherwise. LG needs to work on this.

  • Aisha

    I have this phone buts it is in red i love it and yes you do have treaded texting you can choose between that and just the regular way too its really cool

  • leesha

    Don’t buy this phn it sucks I have had mine for only 6months and the touch screen broke, so i can’t check my voicemails or my texts, I bascially cant use the Phone anymore and have to use a cheap little crappy phone until I am available for another upgrade. My husband has the same phone and his is really slow already, only had for a month. Now I understand why AT&T are discontinuing these phones.

  • lolz

    Wow, I am hearing a lot of complaints about the screen. Still getting one lol.

  • Lazar

    im thinking of getting this phone and I am wondering if you can get a warranty for it. O and also I am using Fido.

  • alvin

    the phone is really cool but brakes really easily i woulndnt consider getting this phone without a warranty


    This phone is worthless. It will freeze up constantly causing frustration and loss of anywork or messaging you were attempting. At&t Doesn’t stand behind it either. Once they’ve got your money and a contract they could care less.
    Steer clear of both of them.
    When my term runs out I’ll be selecting another carrier.