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Minox PX3D 3D Camera

By on October 19, 2010

Minox has offered a treat to the photographers interested in 3D imaging; the treat comes in the form of Minox PX3D. The unique concept involved in this yet another 3D-enabled camera is the absence of any technical accessory or for that matter a special glass.

Hence, Minox PX3D gives 3D effect in a realistic manner by transcending conventional models and opening a new horizon for the passionate photographers.

Not just the interiors, Minox PX3D also comes with innovative outward look– thanks to the reduced and compact design. Also complementing the design are the 4 lenses that lie above one another vertically. Each of these lenses has 5-mp resolution and 4-mm focal length.

The camera also abets users to capture four photos at the same time because of the four camera modules. Each of these modules is situated on different perspective planes, each shifted from the other. Each of the modules has the power to select individual focal point and exposure level. So, it becomes a lot easier for users to choose between sharpness and exposure and prioritize one of it.

Besides, the image can be given the desired shape at the time of playback. Whether you want to watch it in classic JPEG format with 4 x 5p resolutions or in moving 3D format. The spatial 3D format is controlled by the Minox software. Whatsoever the format is, the output is equally dynamic.

Minox PX3D works on a concept mastered jointly by Minox GmbH & 3D-Competence. Minox, interestingly, has welcomed other manufacturers’ interest in this unique camera concept as their concept is patent protected.

However, it has still not been mentioned as to what sort of digital frame will be put up to view the 3D effect. In such a situation, it won’t be wrong to presume that parallax barrier panel will support the display. According to some, the display is composed of thousands of tiny glasses that limit the need for a glass.

The Minox PX3D is slated to arrive on the market shelves by summer 2011. Seeing the demand, it won’t be wrong to say that it will be priced somewhere around 500 Euros.

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