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Miracube Debuts Professional Stereoscopic 3D Studio System

By on October 30, 2010

As the entire entertainment world has gone 3D, leading manufacturers of the multimedia equipments have landed on this arena. But there are a few other manufacturers who had solely focus on 3D such as Miracube.

Miracube has just introduced their long-nurtured 3D Studio System incorporating 3D Monitor, view finder box and camera mount. What Miracube aims at achieving is creation of 3D content in the easiest and most fascinating manner while retaining startling richness in picture quality.

Also, after serving medical industry, media and entertainment industry and the animation world, the company wants to leave a more significant mark in other sectors as well.

The distinctiveness of Miracube’s 3D stereo system lies in its mastery over the bonding of 3D filter and LCD. A million-dollar project, the bonding project has been a miraculous affair and Miracube is earning huge returns off its huge investment.

The 3D View Finder sports a 3D monitor & a synchronizer to convert 2 HD-SDI signals to 3D format. The camera mount by Miracube is motor-operated. Synchronization of two cameras is done through LANC controller. Then the View Finder comes into play. After receiving HD-SDI input from the synchronized cameras, the View Finder converts them to 3D and makes them legible to be played on 3D monitor.

These extensive solutions serving the 3D world are the result of Miracube’s in-depth knowledge of the nitty-gritty’s of 3D entertainment. Their 8-years of toil and bore fruit as they have supplied the industry with unmatched quality of 3D monitors. The 3D monitors from under their banner integrate 3D formatter that has all possible stereo formats. Apart from that, the 3D monitors offer wider and better viewing angle.

In fact, Miracube is the sole producer of monitors in all the sizes of 17 inches, 19 inches, 24 inches, 32 inches and 46 inches. After all, Miracube had launched an entire series of 3D displays when the other major players in the market such as LG, JVC and Sony had started with their new 3D departments.

The all new stereoscopic stereo system is specifically crafted for field-use DPs. The easy-to-carry handle of the 3D system is one of the many factors that make it a outstanding 3D visualization tool.

No details in terms of price and availability have been released as yet.

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