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Motorola Droid Razr Vs. HTC Rezound

By on April 5, 2012

With so many Android phones available in the market, it gets tough to choose when every phone seems good. While your budget is the first thing that puts you in the category of phones you can buy, you can always go ahead to do some research to get the best of features.

Manufacturers are actually in a race to pack their products with as many features as possible. So, there are high chances that you get some extra features in less of price. We can be of help to you if you have zeroed down on two Android phones – HTC Rezound and Motorola Droid Razr.

Motorola Droid Razr Vs. HTC Rezound

Photo Credit: Wizardjournal.com/new-gadgets/motorola-droid-razr-htc-rezound-comparison.html

In any case, even if you you are eyeing some other phone, you can consider any of the phones that we are discussing, because we are going to compare these phones on nearly all the aspects that should be considered while buying a phone.

Motorola somewhat lost its way in between and lost considerable amount of market share to other giants like Samsung and others. HTC on the other hand has delivered classy products and has maintained a niche profile for itself. With Android storming in the cellphone market and each and every manufacturer introducing an Android phone, we draw a comparison between Motorola Droid Razr and HTC Rezound today. Come, let us keep these phones side by side and have a look at their different features. We hope the comparison to be helpful.

Features Comparison Between Motorola Droid Razr And HTC Rezound


Whatever be inside a phone, its outer design appeals to users the most. Human tendency is to put hands on phones that look good. While choosing a phone, the first and the foremost consideration is given to its looks. Therefore, the phone’s design should be really fantastic.

motorola droid razr features

Photo Credit: Androidtrek.com/index.php/motorola-droid-razr-for-fido

Now, from the experience and history of Motorola, you can expect it to pack all the things in a sleek, slim design. Motorola Droid Razr maintains that trend with Razr phones and keeps the spirits high. The Droid Razr has nearly all the design characteristics that make it stand out from others. The thinness of this phone looks classy.

Remember, one of the reasons behind Motorola Razr phones getting overwhelming response was the phone’s design. The Motorola Droid Razr is beautified with a Kevlar coated black cover and has a core made of stainless steel. The Gorilla Glass along with water-repellant nano-coating make this phone look truly amazing. On the other hand, HTC Rezound, too, looks good, but does not have those that-caught-my-eyes looks. It looks like other phones in the market and is nearly double the thickness as compared to Razr.

HTC Rezound features

Photo Credit: Androidbeast.com/1050/install-wifi-tether-htc-rezound-android-ics-cleanrom/

For exact dimensions, Rezound is 129 mm in length, 65.5 mm in width, and 13.65 mm in thickness. Droid Razr has more impressive figure; it has a height of 130.7 mm, width of 68.9 mm, and an amazing “thinness” of just 7.1 mm (nearly half to that of Rezound).

For an outer look, Razr scores far and clearly more than the HTC Rezound.

Processors and Operating System

Both, HTC Rezound and Droid Razr, feature a dual-core processor; however, Rezound has a higher frequency of 1.5 GHz compared to 1.2 GHz of Droid Razr. HTC Rezound comes packed with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread along with HTC Sense 3.5 user interface.

motorola droid razr

Photo Credit: Worldnewelectronics.com/motorola-droid-razr-arrives-in-brazil.html

Droid Razr runs with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread along with MOTOBLUR user interface. The operating systems can be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, per manufacturers. RAM of both these phones is 1 gigabytes.

Screen and Display

HTC’s Rezound has a 4.3-inch S-LCD that is amazingly detailed and profound. Having a resolution of 720p, everything seems clear and bright on the screen. To the contrary, Droid Razr features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display that is clear and bright, but has a slightly lower resolution of 540 x 960 pixels.

HTC Rezound

Photo Credit: Fundroid.pl/2011/11/htc-oficjalnie-prezentuje-htc-rezound-ale-tylko-dla-verizona/

Nevertheless, the screen shows up saturated colors and has great brightness output. However, Rezound has a better screen resolution, screen of Droid Razr catches more eyes when lighted in a darkroom.

Cameras and Connectivity

Both the phones carry an 8-megapixel camera along with auto-focus feature. Where Droid Razr has a single LED flash, the Rezound carries a dual along with backside illumination and a wide-angle f2.2 lens.

For front-facing cameras that will help the user with video calling/chatting, Rezound carries a 2 megapixel and Droid Razr has a 1.3 megapixel. Overall, there is not much difference in clarity of both the cameras of both the phones. However, Rezound scores a little more because of dual-LED flash and other features.

HTC Rezound’s rear cover can be removed easily to reach its internal battery, micro SD card slot, and SIM card slot. Because Motorola had to pack the Droid Razr to give it that slim waistline, it had to lock the battery inside the shell, which makes it inaccessible by a normal human being. All the buttons of both the phones are placed perfectly and there is no chance of accidental presses.

Both the phones feature a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. Rezound has a microUSB port that offers video-out functionality with help of an MHL adapter. Droid Razr comes in packed with a microHDMI port for the same purpose.

Both the phones have features like GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and mobile hotspot. Upon testing, Rezound had a stronger wi-fi connection as compared to Droid Razr.

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Memory and Battery

Both the phones have internal storage capacity of 16 gigabytes each. Phones’ capacity to hold data can be increased via a micro SD card. The phones can support micro SD card of up to 32 GB.

However, both the handsets have same screen dimensions and nearly similar features, the Droid Razr carries a 1,780 mAh battery, which means it has a longer talk time and stand by time as compared to the Rezound’s 1,620 mAh battery.

The Final Word

When it comes to features, strengths, and weaknesses, both the handsets outweigh each other in one or the other department. In any case, if you are a person who wants to carry something that is not common, we recommend you to go for the Motorola Droid Razr.

The handset has distinctive looks along with strong battery life and other features. HTC, however, has nice features, but lacks far behind in the department of looks. For more frequent nighttime camera users and people who are loyal to HTC, Rezound is the handset. All in all, on our review, Motorola Droid Razr scores more than the HTC Rezound. For Moto lovers, this is another slim, sleek, and attractive option.

Off-contract prices for both the handsets is around $650.

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