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Motorola Renew W233 Reviews – world’s first carban neutral cell phone

By on February 7, 2009

motorolaw233The Renew W233 from Motorola boasts of being the world’s first carbon neutral cell phone as the phone uses the recycled plastic from obtained from water bottles. Moreover, the phone comes packed in casing made from 100% recycled material. The Renew W233 is available at just $9.99 with service from T-Mobile.

The Renew is provided with a color scheme which suits perfectly to its tag of Earth-friendly gadget. The device is provided with lime green trim on its three faces which matches perfectly with its cream keypad and black rear side. The Renew is a compact cell phone which measures 4.4 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide and 0.6 inch thick. So, it will nicely fit in any pocket.

As the Renew is a phone which offers only the basic features, its display is rather small than what you find on most cell phones these days. The display measures just 1.44 inches and offer pretty low resolution of 128×128 pixels. The graphics and text doesn’t look sharp but they are readable as the display is bright. You can set the backlight timer and have option to choose either list or icon menu designs but you can’t change the font and display brightness.

The navigation array located below the display includes Talk and End/Power keys, four-way toggle which surround the central OK button, and two soft keys. One of the soft key doubles as shortcut for music player and you can also program the four-way toggle to act as shortcut for four user-defined features. The keypad looks rather flushed with small keys cramped in small space. The phone lacks standard headphone jack as it offers 2.5mm headset jack and also lacks volume rocker. Other connectors include Mini-USB/charger port, microSD located behind the battery.

The features offered by the Renew include 500-contact phone book, a vibrate mode, text messaging, MMS, alarm clock, a speakerphone, USB syncing, a calculator, a stopwatch, and support for T-Mobile’s My Faves service and a music player. The phone supports memory cards up to 2GB for storing the music files. It also comes with two games: Tetris and Sudoku.

Motorola claims that the Renew W233 provides talk time of nine hours and 18 days of standby time.

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  • AnnoyedCanadian

    I purchased my Motorola Renew in late July. By February, the charger had died. By April 1, the screen died. I can still make and receive calls if I blind-dial, but that’s all.

    I use my phone very rarely (150min, 10txt per month), and treat it very gently. The blatant defectiveness of this product is in sharp contradiction to its eco-advertising: a product can not be “green” if it’s a piece of junk that requires replacing in less than 9 months.